Road Trip 09′

It’s been a long past couple of days for me.  I flew to North Dakota to pick up my friends car, so she would not have to leave her kids to do so.   She is going through a tough time, so I figured I would pitch in and help if I could.  So the plan was to fly to ND, pick up her car and drive it back here to the Mid Atlantic.  While I mainly did it to her help her out,  I will say that the time off was much needed on my behalf.  So in the last few days I have been able to decompress and sort out some issues I am having in my life…I made some observations and came to some conclusions….

North Dakota  –   While I can see how some people enjoy the country life, that place is as secluded as I have ever seen.  I saw homes that were just surrounded by land as far as the eye can see.  Living on the ranch is great but the animals will not answer you if they are the only ones you are talking too.   The fog on sunday morning was like nothing I have ever seen, I think that’s where stephen king got his idea for THE MIST.   From Bismarck (STARTING POINT) to the border it was one little house on the prairie to the next.

So then we keep driving and we run into the great state of:

Minnesota –  Well more of the same, lots of farm land and low and behold and major metropolis called Minneapolis..looked alot like any other city.

So Sunday nite was my first stop and It landed me in

Madison, Wisconsin   –   Beautiful city with lots of Packer Fans,  although It did have a blemish that I will not soon forget.  After I was checked in, I went across to the parking lot to a restaurant called PERKINS.  Real cozy place and the food was good.   There was this older person sitting in the next booth that HAD NO BUSINESS BEING THERE.  She was sick and hacking up and making the kind of  noisess that absolutely ruin your dinner, not too mention she was most definetely too sick to be in public like she blew her nose a few times…..some PEOPLE HAVE NO SENSE……..

So the next day Monday,  I was moving right along and low and behold I stopped in:

Chicago, Illinois –  This was only a lunch stop but Illinois has the coolest service areas that they called and OASIS…they are service areas that go over the road and look like a bridge that contain stores…there is an overpass that you can look at the oncoming traffic and the one I stopped at..had the coolest view of chicago.


Going to Minneapolis

Going to MinneapolisChicago OverpassChicago




Chicago Overpass

Chicago Overpass




So we keep moving down the road and make our second layover for the night at:

Youngstown, Ohio–  Now while i was driving I figured maybe I would stop at the NFL Hall of Fame, but it turns out that Canton was 65 miles in the wrong direction so i scrapped that plan…I will get there eventually….Had a really good burger at the bar and grill next door and was going to watch the Packer-Viking game but was tired so that plan was scrapped as well….Ohio is a nice enough place it seems like…..but it wasnt Canton……

So Tuesday gets here….car delivery day……uneventful day drove from Ohio to homeplate..and delivered the car to my friend so hopefully it will help her out……

I used my time wisely i think,  I have some issues that I am trying to figure out…about why some things upset me and how I should approach some other things.  I know I worked out an issue about me getting sick.  For the longest time, I was curious about why my.   So I asked and I think he answered me in a strange way well have to see.   But I did take a break in ND and just sat and watched the world go by for a little while and just let some things that have been bothering me go.  I get misty eyed when i think about all the shit that I have done in my life, so this was my chance to just apologize to myself and figure out a way to move forward…I think I did that…So thats my road trip story….Just a quick traveling thought…..

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25 thoughts on “Road Trip 09′

  1. Forgiving ourselves is sometimes the most difficult person to ever forgive. It sounds like the road trip was good for body and soul, zman! The overpass set-up is really neat!

    I think we need to come up with a term for people with no common sense. It never fails to amaze me how some people operate like they’re in a bubble.

    • Talon

      Glad you liked the pic………yeah some people dont care about others around them………thanks for stoppin bye

  2. Awesome post, Zman.

    And Talon is right. but then again, is she ever wrong?

    I’m glad I wasn’t in Perkins with you…


    • B school

      I guess i am glad you werent there you might have gone rambo or mr mills on them….zman sends

  3. pop

    I’m proud of you Z That’s thinking of your fellow man Pretty country out there ain’t it. You know sometimes those unplanned trips where for what ever reason you just pick up and go turn out to be the best. Drive till you get tired, and pick some place nice to rest for the night.maybe there’s something to do, otherwise it’s the boob tube till you get too tired for that either.

    • Pop

      Yeah friends do cause they wanna do….it was a very SCENIC drive…lots of country out there….saw some interesting sites…….thanks for stoppin bye


    yeah bro i agree with you there really is some real pretty country out there i love to head westbound to me country life is the only way city life is dirty niosy confusing and plain down right irritating anyhows keep on trucking i know i am well keep the greasy side down shiny side up im gone

    p/s my love to the rest of the z-man crew

  5. Highway

    Always good to hear from you…yeah i think city life is pretty noisy and hectic. I dont know what the whole greasy side – shiny side thing means but ok i will try…thanks for stoppin bye

  6. Wow! A mental and physical journey! Glad you’re back safely. Whenever I travel I always plan to keep a journal, but I never do. It was nice reading someone else’s travel log and seeing what they notice along the way (food, road conditions, other travelers).

    • Yellowcat

      Thanks good to be back…happy you enjoyed …i even thought of you when i stopped at some nice eateries….hmmm what would yellow cat think of this place….thanks

  7. It’s really good that you were able to give yourself time to think and sort things out. I had an unbelievable past myself. I’ve found that for me the best way to be happy and truly live is to stay very much in the present moment. I read a book that completely changed my way of thinking and it has made an amazing difference in my life. ‘The Power of Now’ by Eckhart Tolle. Try it out.

    Other than flying into Cali and Vegas the furthest west I’ve been is Chicago, which I love. Although, I’d love to see some of the spots, I’m afraid of the people that live in the middle of our country.

    • Scott

      Thanks for the book recommendation will look it up…..some of those folks i ran into were very friendly and inquisitive about others live….life is interesting when we explore……thanks for stopping bye

  8. Sounds like your road trip was very interesting on many levels. I think a break from the norm is always good for us. I always end up feeling physically and mentally stronger after a holiday.

    I think I’m going to check out that book that Scott has recommended.

    • LL

      Yeah me too on looking up the book….it was a great trip got some stuff about my life figured out i think…thanks for stopping bye

  9. Take me! Take me! I want a trip!

    • Nxt time we go your in…….we will be traveling by hot air balloon so you can ride on the top of the balloon,,,,,,,,,,thanks

  10. Just Me

    Glad you worked some stuff out babe. Work sucks sometimes, I know. The other stuff, that will figure itself out too. You’ll see….And you know me, I’m always here to help….luv u…

  11. sunflower

    Hi Zman
    I am glad you had time to stop and smell the flowers. You are truly a friend to everyone.. The pictures are great.

  12. Just stopped in to say hi. No witty comments to share. Hope all is well.

    • TO BE ME

      What no witty comments thats it..i am not leaving muffins out anymore for anyone…

  13. I WANT TO GO TOO! I can clean your house….???

  14. UGH I hate how the Mist movie ended. I like the main character though, he’s in a show called Hung now, that’s pretty funny. Glad you had a good trip. I’d like to go to Chicago sometime.

    • Auntie Juice

      Yeah chicago from what i saw was neat….the mist in ND was kind of creepy

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