Thoughts From the Theatre!!!

Inside the Theatre!!

Inside the Theatre!!

Well As I sit here waiting for the afternoon showing some thoughts seem to occupy my mind today.

Big Blue is now 5-0 and looks to be a contender this year to go to the show……….The Yankees have the Angels and while they are never and easy team hopefully this year will be our return to the Fall Classic….It looks like all hope is lost this year for the NHP Gladiators as they have sunk to 1 and 4 and with Elmont still to face things are not looking good…plus Elmont is homecoming..never good to get spanked on that day……I said they should have fired that bum Dolan a long time ago.Β Β  Work is work things are coming to an uncertain time in that I dont know if July 2010 is going to be a good time or a bad time for me….but hey you never know maybe things will be good and I will be Navy this time next year….Penelope and I went to a Halloween event last weekend and gotta tell ya it was not all that great..HUNT CLUB FARM….it was a little pricey and the attractions were only ho hum….One of the guys I work with Roy retired and he is now on terminal lv…man he is a lucky bastard..cant wait to pull the plug on this job..go do something fun and live normally for once……I am still looking for a really cool and scary halloween attraction here in the Mid Atlantic..hopefully some things comes along…..well just a quick ho hum thought
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21 thoughts on “Thoughts From the Theatre!!!

  1. There may be more tags than words on this post. Yanks, Angels – good series.

  2. Humorous

    Yeah huh…i try to tag whatever is in the post…i get carried away though..thanks for stoppin in

  3. A-Rod really kicked some ass in that sweep, I gotta say. I’m just happy the Cardinals are out. πŸ˜€

    • Heather Jo

      Yeah a dodger-yankee world series would be sweet ..would like to see Torre win in yankee stadium…

  4. That’s a really great photo, by the way.

    • Heather Jo

      Thanks….i love the serenity it offers….i love the theatre when its empty…….silence is golden sometimes…

  5. I love the theatre too…especially when it is empty! Glad to see you are having fun!

  6. GBU2

    Having fun is the only way things should be…..

  7. blissbait

    your title and tag
    are the best i’ve ever seen
    that’s way too brilliant!

    I’m a mythology geek and just about died when I saw that…..

    Thanks for stopping by my blog! Here’s hoping work turns out to be good and that You find a cool something to do on Halloween!

    Cheers πŸ™‚

    • Bliss Bait

      Zeus is my dogs name and I started my blog just to get some thoughts out of my head…Thanks for stoppin bye

  8. Nice pic!
    It reminds me of the theater at a cruise I went a couple of years ago. It brings back lots of memories.
    Thanks for visiting my blog! πŸ™‚
    Take care,

    • Hawk

      Memories are a good thing….they propel you forward with good intentions and happy thoughts….i Like your blog…..

  9. Just like a guy to be always thinking about sports…;)

    I love the pic too, Zman.

    ps. I take it terminal leave is a good thing?

    • Bschool

      Yes terminal leave means leaving the service and this case its retirement..woo hoo…….thanks i love the theatre….

  10. The Yanks and Angels are going to be a fantastic series! I always just threw a big Halloween bash myself, decorate everything really well, tons of dry ice, and plenty of beautiful women in scantily clad outfits. Good enough for the likes of me!

    • Scott

      Booze, naked chicks….jesus h christ where was i…wow some friend you turned out to be…

  11. highway

    no not a big blue fan i like auto racing didnot follow it this year was occupied with other things well rocktober coming to a close boys and girls soon itll be thanksgiving then itll be xmaas then years end so highway gonna jam on out im east bound and down

    • Highway

      Well….i hear ya…another year coming to a close……you should be a big blue fan…..nascar is a bunch of meth heads…..

  12. Love that shot! I hope 2010 plays out perfectly for you! We have a neighbor who goes OTT with Halloween and it’s a must visit place for the entire neighborhood. Some people really know how to rock the season.

    • Talon

      Yeah thanks…its very serene and calming…love the quietness of the theatre……..thanks for stoppin in

  13. That is a good photo. Looks like the inside of many London theatres!

    Yep I couldn’t agree more. Live your life and have fun, while you can! It’s all over far too quickly!

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