That’s Them Right There!!!

Love the Old Movies!!

Love the Old Movies!!

One of the things that makes reading for me so enjoyable is sometimes the characters I put a face too.  For example I am reading IN HARMS WAY its about the sinking of the USS Indianapolis and the story to me is told better if I can place an actors face or even someone I know to the character in the book.  So I got to to thinking about how when I read someones blog I almost always try to place a face to the person I am reading about.  So here are some of the faces and names I place on some of the blogs that I read.

Do You Do That At Home  –  Linda Lavin, the character she played in Alice.

What I got So Far   – Another tough one but some reason Bradley Whitford , the West Wing character always comes to mind.

Talon  –  Sigourney Weaver

The Naked Soul  – Reminds of an Air Force Recruiter that looked alot like Stephen King….

The Good, The Bad and the Ugly  –  Reba McIntyre

B Schooled – Christine Lahti

The Darc Knyt Speaks –  Since I dont know anyone name Dane,  I always imagine the character in West Wing that took over as President when President Bartlett stepped down he was played by John Goodman.

Grumpy Old Man – This was a tough one but Hal Holbrook always comes to mind, the mean character in Men Of Honor.

Blunt Delivery  – Sandra Bullock with a british accent.

Pen of Passion – M Knight Shamalyan, dont know why, I dont know this person and have no idea what race they are….but thats the person that I first thought of the first time I read there blog.

Other blogs the people post a pic of themselves so I dont need to put a face to the story….

So there is my list…just a quick reading thought

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26 thoughts on “That’s Them Right There!!!

  1. highway

    yeah highway is back in the office long day on the road time to turn towards home any hows just wanted to check in an see whats brewin in the office well im gonna get a move on ill see yall later

    • Its a good thing I dont pay you……but hey good to see you walking around the lobby now and then….

  2. Interesting…I’ve never really placed anonymous writers with actors before! I imagine what they might look like and how they might dress and stuff. That’s a fun idea…

    • Heather

      Yeah it makes the story seem more real and easier to read…I imagine you as the blond haired girl in scrubs..dont know her name

  3. leafless

    “Pen of Passion – M Knight Shamalyan, dont know why, I dont know this person and have no idea what race they are….but thats the person that I first thought of the first time I read there blog.”

    M. Night Shyamalan is my favorite film director. You’re a psychic.

  4. pop

    John Wayne plays Rock Torre. Brandon Dewilde plays his son LtJG Torre Kirk Douglas plays
    CMDR Eddington Burgess Meridith plays Egan Powell. Henry Fonda plays an Adm.Dana andrews play an Adm Patricia Neal plays LT Maggie Hanes. Hope this some help to you I have the movie here at home It’s a great movie You would enjoy it Also another great movie is A few Good men you’llenjoy it (You can’t handle the truth) hahahahahaha

    • Pop

      In Harms Way is just the name of the book…..but the book is about the sinking of the Indianapolis in 1945…but I do imagine the XO in the Caine Mutiny as playing Capt McVay the real life skipper of the the Indy…….

  5. Hal Holbrook is quite the compliment. Abe Vigoda may be more like it but I’ll quite while I’m ahead.

    Interesting choice for Bschooled. Always liked that Christine Lahti. Fine actress.

    Don sends (whateverthehell that means…)

  6. Don

    Yeah I thought Hal Holbrook was a good fit………Sends means with warmest regards….

  7. blissbait

    this is so funny!
    i do the exact same thing
    without knowing it…

    Never thought much about it, but You’re so right. I have faces, bodies, and entire personalities I’ve subconciously wrapped around blogs I read. What a riot!

    Thanks for the smile and Cheers! 🙂

  8. HAHA! Linda Lavin was much prettier and had black hair. I’m more ordinary, with Flo’s bad attitude. My picture is on my blog…down toward the bottom. I’m wearing a silly hat.

    • Yellowcat

      I have seen the pic but you never know if that is the person or what… are not ordinairy you are extraordinairy after you put up with rude people ….i like that hat though…thanks for stoppin in

  9. That is so neat. When I read, I picture the character, but I’ve never thought of them as actors. When I’ve read books that have been turned into movies, I always end up annoyed that the actors don’t look anything like the way I imagined the characters looked like – lol!

    Well, I’m 10 years younger than Sigourney and we are both born in October. I have dark hair and I’m on the slim side and I think that’s where the resemblance ends, but what a wonderful compliment, Steve. Thank you.

  10. Now I’m pissed that I have my own pic up. I would have loved to heard who you pictured me as! Can you forget what I look like and do it anyway?

    • Hmmmm..well I really didnt want to say that I was thinking Potzie Weber Ha Ha……the first time I read your blog I thought Peter Berg….he is the actor that played in the Great White Hope..and has directed a few things….

  11. What a great idea!!

    I can’t say I do that really. I do try and picture someone, but not famous people.

  12. I always imagine people in my head too….so it is funny how we subconciously imagine our friends we don’t really know….I mean in person 🙂

  13. Yeah i think alot of folks do that….

  14. Z Man,
    I love this! Ha, an Air Force recruiter (which I once was) looking like Stephen King, interesting. I do have two eyebrows unlike Mr. King who sports a unibrow.

    • Yeah I figured you would like that…..Imagine that…….where did you recruit????

  15. Zman, this is a great post.

    Funny, Hal Holbrook is exactly how I picture Don myself.

    I’m curious about Christine Lahti, though…was it my amber-tinted glasses that led you to that conclusion? 😉

  16. Bschool

    Yeah i thought the hal holbrook was golden…..i saw christine lahti on a medical show one time and it was that character that she played that i thought fit you to a T…thanks for stoppin in

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