Homecoming 09′

Opening up the theatre today was a real task for me today.  And as I suppose like everyone else does I was reflecting on this weekend.  I drove 900 miles between Friday morning and Sunday Afternoon, for a little rest and relaxation away from the daily grind of the MARCC and the Ranch.  But I gotta say those miles were worth the trip.  Anytime I drive up north there are a few things that are a must.  A few slices at  Umbertos is always a must !!! Yeeeaah buddy.   A Vincents meal is of  course mandatory as well…..followed by a cannoli mmmmm…of course I am a little sad that the cannoli shell at vincents has been substituted by a waffle shell…thats total BS……While I was up there I had an occasion to stop by the NHP  Gladiator Homecoming game..they of course lost 34-10 to Elmont.  A few things struck me though….I thought I was going to see a team that was dramatically demographically changed and No that was not the case…the other is how small the players actually looked.  Almost as if there is no weight program, going on their.  There looked like very little effort was being put forth on behalf of NHP…the thing that came to mind the most was how UNINSPIRED they looked.  But to me that goes directly to who is in charge of inspiring their team. ….Now more then ever..I think Coach Dolan should get the BOOT……on a good note the floats looked terrific and they were clearly the highpoint of this years homecoming celebration



float 2

Great concept



Another great job!!

………..I did get to see my brothers and talk some story over a few beers…that is always a fun thing to do……..I gotta say I love to drive their is something very calming about it……So now I am back on the ranch and things today went okay with Penelope…..just a quick  traveling thought.

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30 thoughts on “Homecoming 09′

  1. Ah! It’s good to see my friend Amy and I are not the only ones who almost plan entire trips around where we’re going to eat! There were lots of “must haves” when I lived away from this area and would come home to visit.

    • Heather

      Yeah for some reason food and planning around it has always been a large part of my life..hmmm maybe its a NYC thing…thanks for stoppin bye

  2. Cannoli made with waffle dough? That’s sacrilegious! Funny enough, we have a restaurant in the city here called Umberto’s and it’s our fav when we need an Italian food fix.

    Love the photos and I’m still laughing about the teeny tiny team!

    Sounds like you had a great weekend.. It’s always hard to get back to work after one of those, isn’t it?

    • Talon

      Yeah the cannoli in waffle cone someone should be fired for that…it was a great weekend thanks…

  3. highway

    hey why dint you say you were coming north should have told me ya could of stopped by the hacienda for some forst class steakanyways good to have ya back in the office im headin back to my desk

    • Highway

      Yeah i dont know…just was just spur of the moment…..sorry i didnt call….now get back to work

  4. You don’t know the cravings that you just inspired in me with the mention of Italian dining, pizza, cannolis, and cheerleaders. I know you didn’t mention cheerleaders, but I still got a craving. Prettiest girl I ever dated was a half-Asian, half-Greek, and all spirit.

    Anyway, glad you had fun!

  5. blissbait

    sounds like a fun time
    fun and very delicious!!!
    road trips rock rock rock!!!

    Must’ve been something in the stars cause A LOT of bloggers I know hit the road last weekend! I didn’t get the memo! Glad You had a good journey. Cheers! 🙂

  6. It’s always good to get away from the normal routine and do and see new things. Italian food is my favourite, but only if it’s done well. I had real pasta in Italy earlier this year and it was amazing!

  7. Jaspreet


    • Jaspreet

      Yeah I agree well said…thanks for stopping bye

      JASPREET – North New Hyde Park (Hillside Park Drive)

    • I love this site….i live in north New Hyde Park and I think Coach Dolan is hot I like to hold hands with him…………

  8. Jaspreet

    Wow sounds like you might have some issues…

    • jman

      1. You have no life if u have a blog about Dolan.
      2. Stop stealing the pictures from our website. Its for players, fans, coaches, and alumni. You are none and are not welcome in the new hyde park community. You were either a loser in high school or u got the chance to ride the bench as a tackling dummy and have never gotten over it.
      3. Good job! you found out i live in New Hyde Park. Are you a genius or something?
      4. Don’t change my comments. I have the right to freedom of speech as do you. If you want to write about your love from Dolan and NHP Football, then i can write what ever i want about you without it being censored.
      6. I hope that putting down the new hyde park community makes you feel good about yourself. because im positive that you dont have anything else going for you.

      …just a quick JMAN thought <3333

  9. Jaspreet

    Nope, its REALLY the other way around. Only a real loser would talk this way about a program he never did squat for.

  10. Jaspreet

    How bout introducing yourself one of these days to the New Hyde Park Football Program and stop blogging on your really fascinating and insightful blog.

    • Jaspreet

      First off…Woz does a really great job with the Gladiator website…its a fantastic site done with lots of pride……..I am from NHP and when I played their we won some games and we always a tough team to beat with bethpage and plainedge and lynbrook. But not so much anymore. 2-6 is hardly trying to win. And lastly you dont like what I say dont read or comment……now go home and clean your room your mother is calling….FAG…..but thanks for stopping bye and have a nice day…and one more thing…if you have taken ten minutes provided you can read you see this blog is not about that ass bag Coach Dolan…but then again you are from NHP so literacy is not high on your list….

  11. Jaspreet

    First off, Woz is not the one that updates the Gladiator Website. My good friend updates the website on the 2009 Varsity Team that happens to lack no pride. All Woz did was send him the old pictures. And just because our record isn’t the greatest doesn’t mean we’re not trying to win. OK, Garden City and MacArthur were blowouts, but Garden City hasn’t allowed a TD all year. Against Mepham, Long Beach and Valley Stream Central, we were 1 play away from winning the game, but the ball just didn’t bounce in our favor. I believe that would have been a 5-3 record, but that’s just coming from a stupid kid from New Hyde Park. And I never said the whole blog was about Coach Dolan but obviously a good portion of it is and that enough for me you dumb fuck. And by the way, did you even step on the field when you were on the team because from what I heard you were a nobody that didn’t give a shit about the program, and DEFINETELY didn’t know about NHP PRIDE.

    • Why is everyone on the Coach Dolan bandwagon. He’s a nice guy I have talked to him about the direction of the program. He says the same thing, other schools with more successful program dont have any more fair advantage then NHP. The program is not doing well , because their is a lack of desire to win. Long gone are the Pee wee leagues and PBC teams that acted as a minor league of sort. Winning teams came from having the disease….as Calo, Marino and Guilano would say. They never fielding a team where every player was not 100 percent completely dedicated to being the champ as the end of the season. Trying is not good enough..winning is what you are remembered for….i did play and never played on losing teams in any sport..5-3 is shameful in the conf that NHP is in…its easily a conf where you can go 7-1 or 6-2…its the easiest conf in the league….forget if you had to play lynbrook, sayville or bethpage……..


  13. Penelope

    Who’s giving you hard time babe? You know what I will do to them. As your bodyguard, I feel it is my responsiblity to inform that person that they are gonna get a severe beat-down when I find them. I’M CLOSE!!

  14. No problem here..some folks just looking for attention.. just ignore them and they will go away…….

  15. sunflower

    I too will give that person a good beat down. We are the one’s with the NHP pride, not him. Pride is in winning not always losing. If the team is failing then it is the coach. Maybe it is a time for change. I guess the coach isn’t smart enough to see that. Pictures are great, brings back memories

  16. pop

    Woz, jman You guys must be a couple of wet drawers I can remember when Our guys played for the Gladiators They didn’t need Dolan They got out there every Saturday and kicked Butt That’s when the team cared about winning, and cared about the school It sounds to me like NHP does neither these days. The coach can only lead the team has to have the will to win .apparantly they don’t

    • Pop

      ..For some reason Coach Dolan is some sort of saviour for what I have no idea…he is nice guy just cant take the program to the level it should be at..and thats some how my fault for saying so……Newsday lists NHP Football as near the bottom…….Coach Marino was saying the other day how the program has fallen on hard times…oh well…..let them curse up a storm……

  17. pop

    I’ll say it once more than I will say it no more If the team takes no pride in themselves or lacks the confidence then they just might as well forfeit and save themselves the embarrassment of yet another beating. Sounds to me like NHP is nothing but a tool for ELmont,Floral Park,Seaford and some of the other clubs to sharpen their skills so they can go out there and win championships. Perhaps they should consider giving up Football Zman I’ll check to see how they do in their other sports programs Perhaps they should consider Soccer

  18. Pop

    And its funny cause their volleyball coach at one time was an acclaimed Soccer Player…..

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