MARCC Pt X – Happiness!!!



If it’s not one thing its another.  I have always believed especially with I do that this job goes in wavelengths..sometimes things are up sometimes things not so good.  Lately though, things have been on the downslope.  I swear to christmas everything that gets passed down to me and I put out to the troops is met with some sort of groan or eye roll or something.  Today was a few things,  seems at though the Navy in its  infinite wisdom has run out of money for the qtr for TA…well i put that out and you would have thought the end of the world has come.  The working hours being changed on Friday, seemed to be a dispostion of epic proportions.  Then on top of all that crap,  AS wants to go upstairs to 2M because she feels a break is needed, to wit CP gave a flat out NO…and Magilla thinks its due to the tension between AS and Valley Stream…it just never ends.  I didnt even mention the pay issues some of my guys are having…Ay, Dios mio!”  is all I can say.  One can only hope that Feb I can go work somewhere else…with my luck it will be another place with more drama…….just a quick THERE IS NO HAPPINESS thought….

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31 thoughts on “MARCC Pt X – Happiness!!!

  1. we must be on the same wavelength Zman…I was just on my way to visit your blog when I noticed you were at mine. Great minds think alike! 😉

    Remember, chin up, Z…soon you’ll be spending your days relaxing (and probably watching sports), and all this “work crap” will be just a distant memory…

    • Bschool

      Thanks..your site always puts a smile on my face again…..thanks and yes I can see the end in site…..

  2. Stick in there Zman!

    At the end of the day, mate – it’s only ‘work’. There are more important things in life.

  3. blissbait

    SERIOUSLY!!!! I am in the Twilight Zone the past few days as well. I’m mostly grateful and very blessed but I think the past couple of days about twenty WTF!!!s have slipped out of my mouth! Whew! Here’s to the quality of ease that is surely around the corner. Cheers and Namaste! 🙂

  4. Like you said, it all comes in waves and even waves recede a couple times a day. 🙂

    Just don’t forget to breathe in between shaking your head and cursing quietly to yourself when all you REALLY want to do is explode!

  5. Good luck, but, remember, problems are going to appear wherever you go–they just pop out of nowhere–so, try dealing with them and look for a solution. If there’s no way out, don’t worry because they’ll pass by and will be dealt with with time.
    Take care, thanks for visiting my blog! 😀

  6. Oh, I can relate, zman! You hit these periods when you start to think there’s no end of crap in sight. It’s almost a shock when the pendulum swings back. And the pendulum HAS to be ready to swing back for you right about now!

  7. No matter where you go, there’s drama. Some people thrive on it.

  8. You’ve really confused me with all of those initials. I was happy that I finally got OCD, ADD, AFHD, OMG, LMAO, and LOL down, now you throw all these military initials at me and I don’t know whether to catch them or duck.

    All I can tell you is to hang in there; it always gets better. If you have an extra half hour at night, try to watch a comedy. It always helps me!

  9. Talon

    I am just hoping i dont get cut when the pendulum swings back

  10. Sounds like you’ve been getting a great deal of support and well wishes from your blogging buddies anyway. So I’ll add mine to the list.

    Yes life does seem to have it’s highs and lows but at the moment it sounds like you are going through a very low patch, I hope things improve real soon.

  11. highway

    well from what i gather happiness is an inside job i know for myself happiness means striving to be a better man and a better person. but sometimes we dont always achieve that, then there is the upside family . so i guess as we live a day at a time ,we learn , love, and ultimately find innner happiness and peace. well time for highway to get a move on love ya

    • Highway

      Well i am speechless…imagine this kind of insightfulness from highway…but hey i 100 percent agree….its strange the things we learn along the way and when we do so…thanks for everything…

  12. highway

    oh remember what we can,not do alone we can do together

  13. ah we are all but hamsters running inside the wheel of life..

    i just wish they’d get some better cheese round here.

    • Blunt

      That might one of the funniest things i have heard in a while…i wish the cats were not so close either…

  14. sunflower

    Just wanted to respond to highwayman, whow did know he had it in him. Here is the saying he was trying to remember
    This is so true

  15. You can ride it out, Zman. Better days ahead.

    All the best, Don

  16. Aww, well damn, I hope that works out for you and February will come up very quickly.

  17. As I won’t be around tomorrow, I’ll wish you a happy blogoversary today. Well done (although based on prior posts, I would have thought it was in February. Still, I get confused easily).

    • Mr Mills

      Thanks for being there….i started the blog in Nov over at Blogspot…then moved it too wordpress……but thanks don….

  18. Happy blogoversary! Mine is today – crazy to take a look back!

  19. awwww. congratulations!!
    and it IS quite theraputic isn’t it?

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