Tired on the Ranch!!!

The view from the West Gate!!!

Walking around the ranch today I realize how holy crap tired I am.   Not the take a nap recharged tired…no the long term..find me on a beach smoking the funny cigarettes so I can recharge tired.  Everyday this job seems to drain me a little more.  These young kids dont know shit and are not interested in anything else unless it involves themselves…..I find myself in a place in my life..where everything seems to irritate the crap out of me.   I know it drives Penelope crazy..but I just dont see my batteries recharging until I dont have to wear a uniform or put up with whiny youngsters…..this sucks I tell you…just a quick tired thought…

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27 thoughts on “Tired on the Ranch!!!

  1. highway

    yeah z-man i hear you . sometimes i wanna throttle these youngsters. but the better half tells me not to, i must remember i too at the point in life was a real pain in the ass . sometimes still am hehehe .anyways hang in there .paitence my boy is a virtue ,not killing someones ass is a godsend .well i gotta go .
    oh give my best to penelope and yes the ever present Z-MAN

    • Highway

      Thanks guy…life happens and sometimes it gets the best of me…thanks for stoppin bye

  2. Just Me

    Don’t worry kid, we will get through it together. I’m right behind you, yes, ether yelling or nagging but hey, I’m still right behind you.. Luv u….

  3. Maybe a series of mini-recharges will help you feel renewed, Zman. Hope you and Penelope have a fabulous and relaxing Thanksgiving!

  4. Damn. There’s really no words of wisdom for when you’re “holy crap tired”. I hope the Energizer Bunny pays you a visit really soon.

    I wouldn’t like having to deal with kids either! 😉

    • Heather Jo

      Yeah i hope he does and sure hope the EB does not have a naughty or nice list….ditto with the kids….

  5. blissbait

    Oh, Sir Zman! Oh….
    i am SOOOOOOOOOOOOOO right there with you

    But I’m confused! I’m slow on the uptake…I thought You worked in a theatre? But You’re on a ranch? Or do You live on a ranch and work with kids in the theatre….or on the ranch? You know what? You’re burnt out and don’t need to answer this slew of questions. I can only offer empathy! And WOWOWOWOW!!! You and Penelope seem like the sweeeeeeeeeetest couple ever! I actually got misty eyed at your interchange in the comment boxes. Okay. I’m gonna stop yaking and shove off. Thank You and Cheers and Happy Thanksgiving All!!!

    • Bliss

      Live on ranch …work in theatre ( so to speak)…….yeah penelope is my other half she is my better half……you have a happy holiday……..thanks for stopping bye

  6. pop

    Hang on Son things always look bad for a bit and then seem to get better. You have got to be getting close to the lock When do you come up for reassignment? How many of those youngins have seen
    Iraq or Afganistan

    • Pop

      Let me just say the lock does not exist anymore….its all a crapshoot…..lots of young uns have been boots in the dirt where i am at…..i am talking to the detailer here shortly and hopefully promises will be made and gifts exchanged…….things will be better in 2012……thanks for stopping bye

  7. When I’ve reached a weary and perpetually irritated place like you’re describing in the past, I’ve always made a major life change. If you can’t or don’t want to do that, then take your much needed vacation. Hit the beach and the funny cigarettes. Hope you feel better.

    • Scott

      I wish i could walk away from this job righ now…but 2 and 1/2 yrs til retirement…then i can change my path…thanks for the thought though….zman sends

  8. Friend of Lisa's

    Happy Thanksgiving to you and Penelope…when life gets us down sometimes we need to put things into perspective

    Keeping with the Thanksgiving theme, here are the top 5 things I’m thankful for this year (not in any particular order):

    1) I appear to be cancer free
    2) My close family members are alive and well
    3) My husband still loves me even though I can be the biggest biotch ever…
    4) I have good friends
    5) I am gainfully employed

    Life is too short my friend – take some time and recharge your batteries – you will feel better.

    Hugs to you and Penelope.

    • Friend of Lisa

      Yeah i know there are lots of things that I too am greatful for……my penelope…..also being cancer free……i can feel the sun in my face and the wind is at my back most days….life is too short..you are right ……thanks for the head slap………..thanks for being a great friend….happy holiday……..zman sends

  9. blissbait

    Ah So! Thank You Sir. Happy Thanksgiving Every~One and Namaste All! 🙂

  10. Happy Thanksgiving, Zman!

    Remember that when thingsget tough, there’s always a light at the end of the tunnel…and yours is coming soon!

    (and no, I’m not talking about death.;))

    I already had my Thanksgiving last month, but I still want to say that I’m extremely thankful for my American blog-friends. Like you…

  11. Bschool

    Thank you…..its great that a world can be connected through this medium……..your the best thanks…..

  12. Not to worry you Zman but you’re starting to sound like me…damned youngsters indeed!

    Have a wonderful thanksgiving, eat a lot of turkey , put your feet up and enjoy. Nothing better. (but stay away from those funny cigarettes!)

    • Don

      Good to hear from you…….Yeah I think you are starting to influence the way I think…oh well…….thanks for the well wishes….I will stay drug free until retirement i promise……..thanks for stoppin bye

  13. Aw, Happy Thanksgiving, my friend. Hope that you get some time to relax.

  14. Aunt Becky

    I hope your Thanksgiving was joyous and festive as well..thanks for stoping bye

  15. I hope you are all rested now and ready to kick arse again! Think yourself lucky, here in the UK we don’t celebrate Thanksgiving, it’s just another day of work!

    • LL Cool

      Yeah I am a bit rested, not quite where I want to be. Love thanksgiving…hate feeling full though…….thanks for stoppin in

  16. ‘Tis the season. I’m fed up with everyone I see.

    • Yellow Cat

      That’s okay we all get fed up with life sometimes…take a deep breath ..have a beer…read a book….your the nice person everyone else is the idiot……thanks for stoppin in

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