For My Penelope On Her Birthday!!

To my one true Love..Happy Birthday

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13 thoughts on “For My Penelope On Her Birthday!!

  1. highway

    ah mrs penelopes birthday well

    happy birthday lisa



  2. pop

    Happy Birthday Penelope pop

  3. Just Me

    Thanks Guys..!!1

  4. Happy birthday Penelope!!

    Beyonce does a hell of an Etta James impression. What a voice on both of them! Now I think I have to see that movie.

    • Yeah i think so as well, This is a repost from last year…..thanks for the birthday wishes for Penelope…thanks for stoppin in

  5. Happy birthday to your one true love!

  6. Just Me

    Thank you everyone. Your sweet…..I’m having a wonderful birthday. Next comes the Manicotti and the spice cupcakes. Whooo hoooo…..Love Penelope…

  7. Just Me

    Thank you for reposting our song baby..Your sooooo sweeet……luv u….

  8. Happy Birthday Penelope! There have been lots of birthdays this week!

  9. Just Me

    Thank you Juicebox…November was a busy month for maternity wards….:)

  10. Happy belated birthday sweet Penelope!

  11. awwww. you’re cute. happy late late birthday penelope!

  12. Just Me

    Thank you for all the new birthday wishes…..You guys are the best….

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