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2009 – Inside My Life!!!

See Ya Later!!

I could definetely title this year in my memoirs as one of the SHIT YEARS…but that would be cynical and Penelope says I should be thankful…..I had Cancer again in March  BUT I BEAT IT (Thanks to Dr R.)…I went to a Yankee game on my birthday AND THEY WON and it was bat day…and the YANKEES even won a world series this year  GREAT TIME TO BE A YANKEE FAN  WOO HOO
Work as always went up and down as evidence in the MARCC chapters.   The road trip to North Dakota had to be the holy shit trip of the year…..1725 miles by car, but those are the things I do for my friends especially the ones in need.  
Hmmmm did get to see my brothers in October took another trip north.,…Wow that was 2 trips north to see those horse thieves….of course it was an up and down thing with this god damn LIMDU crap, which it looks like I might finally have some closure on.   Just hope I dont wind up in China Lake (THE HOTTEST GOD DAMN PLACE ON THE PLANET) by the end of the year….
One of my coworkers retired this year, I was really sad to see Roy go.   He was a Sailor’s Sailor, the kind of person that can lead others and inspire most….
I dont make New Year’s resolutions I close my eyes everynight and ask the man upstairs to help me out and watch over my family and friends and that is enough for me.  The more we promise ourselves we are going to do something the more we set ourselves up for failure.  I know I read that someplace just dont know where….
So now I find myself one year closer to retirement…and as always more hopeful of  the years in front of me..just a quick Happy New Years THOUGHT!!!!
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Silence over Words!!!!

Good Day Sir!!! Bah Humbug

The Evil Snow Monster !!!!! Run Children Run!!!

[caption id=”attachment_1227″

I dont have alot to say these days so I will make this quick before the EVIL SNOW MONSTER gets me…….work is moving along..for some ungodly reason I am working more during this standown then I thought I would be. It’s mainly because all the new people at work dont have computer access yet and there are not too many people that can induct I have to do more work this time then expected oh well such is life I guess….my leave period starts next week….anyways…We have tree up here at the ranch….and its the same one as last year. Yes its fake but its quite a great site when its all decorated..and of course with presents its looks like christmas time. My evaluation to go back to sea is next week and I am hoping it goes the way I need it too…I so totally want to leave this place (MARCC) and for anyone that has read the MARCC chapters they know why…Business around the theatre is slow everyone is readying for the its quiet on most days… my friend Mr Mills says Christmas is huge god damn hassle..but I hope everyone Feliz Navidad -Happy Kwanzaa.. Just a quick bah humbug thought…..

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A Lull in Times!!!

New Rims for My Car!!
I was sitting in the theatre this morning and  kind of realized how slow things have been around here.  Things around the Ranch have been quiet.  Things around the  theatre have been slow.  Work is work,  I am trying to transfer sometime in February but dont know about that right now.  I did WIN a prize at the company XMAS party though….an 18V Drill…I never win anything..guess my luck is changing FINALLY!!!.

So I guess this is what you called a LULL.  Penelope is  getting all excited about Xmas she just loves this holiday, Me I hate XMAS…cant help it people just get so stupid this time of year.  Penelope is even trying to put up all the XMAS decorations today,  maybe we go this week and get a real xmas tree..woo hoo I am secretly excited about that,,,,but don’t tell her……
Lately, I have enjoyed reading more blogs then writing my own………..THE DARC KNYT SPEAKS……..Auntie Juicebox….Zodi’s World…….Crabby Old Man……Just to name a few….I don’t know maybe I should just enjoy the Lull…..Cause as everyone knows…ITS COULD ALWAYS BE WORSE….just a quick  slow lull like thought.


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