A Lull in Times!!!

New Rims for My Car!!
I was sitting in the theatre this morning and  kind of realized how slow things have been around here.  Things around the Ranch have been quiet.  Things around the  theatre have been slow.  Work is work,  I am trying to transfer sometime in February but dont know about that right now.  I did WIN a prize at the company XMAS party though….an 18V Drill…I never win anything..guess my luck is changing FINALLY!!!.

So I guess this is what you called a LULL.  Penelope is  getting all excited about Xmas she just loves this holiday, Me I hate XMAS…cant help it people just get so stupid this time of year.  Penelope is even trying to put up all the XMAS decorations today,  maybe we go this week and get a real xmas tree..woo hoo I am secretly excited about that,,,,but don’t tell her……
Lately, I have enjoyed reading more blogs then writing my own………..THE DARC KNYT SPEAKS……..Auntie Juicebox….Zodi’s World…….Crabby Old Man……Just to name a few….I don’t know maybe I should just enjoy the Lull…..Cause as everyone knows…ITS COULD ALWAYS BE WORSE….just a quick  slow lull like thought.


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16 thoughts on “A Lull in Times!!!

  1. Winter is a time of lull…everything is asleep and waiting for the rush of spring. Enjoy the lull and enjoy Christmas. It only happens once a year.

  2. pop

    Enjoy the down time Steve Christmas is coming and it’s time to relax Yellow Cat has it right Winter is a Lull Santa Clause is coming Put the gears in cruise control and take it slow The job is the job Let it be the job and when you get home you’re done for the day.Read a good book Watch the Giants, or play some chess. Me I’m going to school to learn signing in January (long story) Cool rims Steve. My car doesn’t need rims, it needs soap and water.

  3. Pop

    Yeah..i hear ya….I like the rims myself…..thanks for stoppin bye

  4. highway

    good to have you in the office today missed the daily posting yeah i dont like xmas much ethier when the good lord took my tatyanna home wel kinda soured me k teacher likes the holidaysme i believe its to commercialized and well folks only care about expensive gifts not the real meaning which is family i deep down feel that we all need to step back a pace or so and reach down inside and figure out what the true meaning of christmas really is and how our loved ones play an important role in our lives so with that im climbing back into my rig and getting a little further on up the road anyways i wish all bloggers a happy holidays from the highway

    • Highway

      Yeah i figured I would poke my head in and say hey…I agree with you about Xmas…used to be people cared more …nowadays some person will push you aside at best buy to make sure they get that gadget they will not even use past march….materialization is the word of the day it seems…..i wish we could all STEP BACK A PACE as you say….happy holidays and thanks for stopping in…I will try to post more …

  5. Don’t worry, zman, you’re secret is safe! 🙂

    The holiday season does tend to bring out a dash or two of craziness and a pinch or two of the Scrooge, but in the end you gotta admit there’s a wee bit of magic in the air, too!

    Love those rims!

    • Talon

      Yeah I spose your right perhaps Xmas is not the worst holiday in the world…i just wish there were more magic between people this time of year…..thanks for stoppin bye

  6. Nice rims Zman!

    And congratulations on your drill…I definitely think your luck is about to change for the better…just keep thinking positive!

    • Bschool

      Yeah thanks…Penelope surprised me with them….I am hoping a wave of good luck comes my way……happy holidays thanks for stoppin bye

  7. Cool rims! Enjoy the lull, there is a time and season for everything!

    • To Be Me

      Thanks Mark..i most defenitely am trying……happy holiday thanks for stopping bye

  8. Just Me

    Hope you love um baby. 🙂

  9. Just Me

    How are you liking the rims baby? I think they look sweeeeeetttttt..

  10. I think everybody is a little less prolific on the blog front this time of year. I myself am a degenerate slacker.

  11. Auntie J

    Slacker …you no…your blog is provacative….but nice try….thanks for stopping bye

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