Silence over Words!!!!

Good Day Sir!!! Bah Humbug

The Evil Snow Monster !!!!! Run Children Run!!!

[caption id=”attachment_1227″

I dont have alot to say these days so I will make this quick before the EVIL SNOW MONSTER gets me…….work is moving along..for some ungodly reason I am working more during this standown then I thought I would be. It’s mainly because all the new people at work dont have computer access yet and there are not too many people that can induct I have to do more work this time then expected oh well such is life I guess….my leave period starts next week….anyways…We have tree up here at the ranch….and its the same one as last year. Yes its fake but its quite a great site when its all decorated..and of course with presents its looks like christmas time. My evaluation to go back to sea is next week and I am hoping it goes the way I need it too…I so totally want to leave this place (MARCC) and for anyone that has read the MARCC chapters they know why…Business around the theatre is slow everyone is readying for the its quiet on most days… my friend Mr Mills says Christmas is huge god damn hassle..but I hope everyone Feliz Navidad -Happy Kwanzaa.. Just a quick bah humbug thought…..

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24 thoughts on “Silence over Words!!!!

  1. Z Man,
    Slow is good at times. Enjoy the holidays! Be well.

  2. I hope all goes how you wish. I’ll send you some good thoughts!

    I won’t have anything but a fake tree. When I stand at the copier at work and someone tells me I’m killing trees with all the paper I’m using, I tell them I have saved 39 trees over 39 Christmases (of course this answer changes as I age) and ask if they say the same. Yes. I can be a smarty-pants. ๐Ÿ˜€

    • Heather

      Thanks for the good wishes….Sometimes a fake tree is the best way to go..besides wether the tree is fake or real….it still has presents under it huh……..yes and you are a funny smarty pants…thanks for stopping bye

  3. We’ve had a fake tree for years – ever since one of the cats decided an live tree indoors = climbing gym. You’re right – they look lovely when they’re decorated.

    I hope your evaluation goes the way you want it to and I hope you and Penelope have a lovely holiday. Enjoy your down time!

    • Talon

      Yeah i totally agree with the tree thing…thanks for the kind words…thanks for stopping bye

  4. pop

    Ok folks My Christmas quiz For those of you who have seen my favorite version with Alastair Sim as Scrooge I watch this version every year I would ask you exactly how many times does Scrooge use Humbug, but answer this He says this exactly once ” CHristmas is Humbug Good Day” When does he say it?

    • Pop

      Sorry I dont know the answer..but I figured you would appreciate the pic of Alastair Sim as too is my favorite version…..

  5. Haha!

    Wow…that snow monster sure looks crazy. ๐Ÿ˜‰

    Feliz Navidad -Happy Kwanzaa to you and Penelope too, Zman. Like I said before, I am looking forward to many more of your entertaining (and sometimes inspirational) quick thoughts in 2010.


    • Bschool

      Why thank you for your christmas cheer…i am hoping the new year brings joy to everyone and more prosperity and happy tidings to all..thanks for stopping in

  6. pop

    OK since no one knows How many times does Scrooge use Humbug? 4 times
    1- He uses it twice in the house,once on the stairs, and again in front of Marleys Ghost
    2- He uses it when his Nephew gets him mad
    3- Now Christmas is a Humbug During the Ghost of Christmas past Scrooge is confronted by two men in the Exchange His parting words are ” Christmas is humbug Good Day”.. I don’t know of other versions but to the best of my knowledge Scrooge never says “Bah Humbug”
    Merry Christmas to all

    • Pops

      Thanks for the Xmas trivia….hope you enjoy this years showing of Scrooge the theatre opens early and closes late….thanks for stoppin in

  7. Friend of Lisa's

    Merry Christmas !

    Tell my girlfriend ‘Rhonda’ I said hello when she moves in I mean arrives!

    Happy New Year!

    • Friend of Lisa

      Whoa easy with that moving in humor…the ranch is only so big….yeah i sure will though…happy christmas and merry new year..happy festivus and all….thanks for stoppin in

  8. sunflower

    Boy that snow monster really does look scary. No snow for you guys. We all wish you the best with your evalutation next week. You will get what you want I know that. Merry Christmas to you and Penelope

    • Sunflower

      Yeah Snow monster is quite scary makes me want to live in warm climates…thanks for the well wishes……well have to see what they say next week………happy hananaka and kwanzaa….

  9. Ha ha great photos! We have a fake tree, a real one is just a pain in the butt.

    Love the falling snow on your blog!

    Happy Christmas!

  10. LL Cool

    Good to hear from you…..yeah I love the scrooge pic as well..and the SNOW MONSTER one well thats just speaks for itself…..the blog itself offers the snow as a feature…thanks for stoppin bye

  11. snow monster aka highwayman

    yeah that snow monster is a ascary dude he he he anyways kiddies merry christmas and happy new year from the highwaytrucker and k teacher oh highwaytrucker is the real abominable snowman

  12. Highway aka Snow Monster

    Yeah pretty scary picture..dont know what is worse dealing with the snow or the snow monster that comes with…..happy holidays

  13. Merry Christmas!!!! Enjoy and be grateful, since life is precious and short–it might end in the blink of an eye–so, let the people you love know your feelings and forgive those who’ve hurt you in the past. Talk to the forgotten friend you always think about calling but never do so.
    Best wishes,

    • Yeah your right…..i am hoping things dont end but its funny how things happen…….thanks for the thoughts and the well wishes…..merry xmas

  14. Enjoy the holidays. You deserve it.

    • Leaf

      Good to hear from you, its been a little while. Hope things are good with you and hope your holidays are a safe and merry one..thanks for stopping in

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