2009 – Inside My Life!!!

See Ya Later!!

I could definetely title this year in my memoirs as one of the SHIT YEARS…but that would be cynical and Penelope says I should be thankful…..I had Cancer again in March  BUT I BEAT IT (Thanks to Dr R.)…I went to a Yankee game on my birthday AND THEY WON and it was bat day…and the YANKEES even won a world series this year  GREAT TIME TO BE A YANKEE FAN  WOO HOO
Work as always went up and down as evidence in the MARCC chapters.   The road trip to North Dakota had to be the holy shit trip of the year…..1725 miles by car, but those are the things I do for my friends especially the ones in need.  
Hmmmm did get to see my brothers in October took another trip north.,…Wow that was 2 trips north to see those horse thieves….of course it was an up and down thing with this god damn LIMDU crap, which it looks like I might finally have some closure on.   Just hope I dont wind up in China Lake (THE HOTTEST GOD DAMN PLACE ON THE PLANET) by the end of the year….
One of my coworkers retired this year, I was really sad to see Roy go.   He was a Sailor’s Sailor, the kind of person that can lead others and inspire most….
I dont make New Year’s resolutions I close my eyes everynight and ask the man upstairs to help me out and watch over my family and friends and that is enough for me.  The more we promise ourselves we are going to do something the more we set ourselves up for failure.  I know I read that someplace just dont know where….
So now I find myself one year closer to retirement…and as always more hopeful of  the years in front of me..just a quick Happy New Years THOUGHT!!!!
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15 thoughts on “2009 – Inside My Life!!!

  1. I don’t know about you, but 2009 seemed to fly! Looking forward to 2010 and hoping it’s a healthy and happy one for us all.

    I don’t make resolutions either. When it’s time for something to change, that’s the time I make the change and that’s never been governed by a calendar.

  2. Talon

    Yeah it was a fast year wasnt it…hope your holiday is a merry one and your new year a prosperous one on every front…..thanks for stoppin bye

  3. Hey there Mr. Zman! Haven’t talked to you in a long time. Now I’m back on blogging again. Yes, active.. once again!

    I can’t believe you got Cancer! It’s great to know that you’re cured! I really wish it doesn’t pester you again in the years to come. If it does, I’m sure you can beat it over and over again!

    Much Love,

    • Half Crazy

      Good to hear from you again, I hope your studies are coming along right. Yeah i had a bump in the road but i am still here thanks to my family and the man upstairs. Dont be a stranger..thanks for stopping bye

  4. I won’t be sad to bid this year adieu, although I have definitely had much worse. I look forward to continuing to read your blog and see where your adventures take you.

    Penelope is right. Looking for positives can never hurt. They’re always there if you choose to see them. (And I can be downright snarky and negative, myself.)

  5. Heather Jo

    Yeah you and me both with saying later to this past year. Thanks for stoppin in

  6. highwayman

    well another year came and went thank god 2009 was kinda crappy but not to crappy i guess you take the good with the bad anyways happy new year to you penelope and the ever present zman

    love you guys

    • Highway

      Yeah like anything in life we have our ups and downs right!!….Thanks for being there….thanks for stopping in

  7. Thanks for sharing your year with us Steve. It’s been a real pleasure getting to know you and ‘travel’ with you over this past year. Fantastic job beating the cancer and staying positive throughout it all. I hope you have an amazing 2010!

    • Thanks for the kinds words…sharing the journey with you and the rest of the blogosphere has been fun and theraputic at the same time. Have a great new year Scott…Thanks for stopping in….

  8. It’s been great discovering your blog this year and I always enjoy your comments on mine. I really hope this is a great year for you and all your blogging buddies!

    • LL Cool

      Thanks for the kind words…….Sharing the journey has been a theraputic one…I look forward to reading your blog and hearing from you in the future…thanks for stopping in

  9. Just Me

    Ya babe, I think we could have done without last year. But, here you are; better than ever! Luv u..

  10. I always hate wishing away time, because life is short. But I feel like I was in a Star Trek sequel in ’09. Cuz you know – the odd numbered ones suck. lol

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