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Snow in the MidAtlantic


A friends horse enjoying the snow!!

I hate snow!!

Something that nearly never happens, has happened.  We got pounded with snow yesterday.  Nearly a foot of snow, which their has not been that much snow since late 90’s.  Penelope and I have been lucky in that we have not seen this much snow since Pittsfield…There is not money in the budget for salt trucks and weather emergency here..for christs sake they shut down when its cold…Have to learn to drive in this crap all over again..good thing its suppose to be 50 degrees by the end of the week and oh yeah i dont have to work tomorow….So I can go out to the stables in the morning…just a quick I hate snow thought….

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Best of Stewie!!

Funny stuff…..

Just a quick Stewie Rules thought

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MARCC Pt XI – The Final Chapter

This will all soon be a distant memory!!!

I have not been bye the theatre all that much, in the last few weeks.   Seems that the last few showings were getting me down.  But then today, out of the blue GREAT NEWS  when I decided to stop by.   Its seems that the powers that be are going to let me stay Navy until my retirement and also let me transfer someplace different.  It is somewhere else on base but it seems like someplace that i will be able to enjoy my last couple of years being Navy.

So in the next days and weeks I will be packing up my desk and all my worldly work possesions, pass down my job and move the HELL OUT OF THE MARCC FOR GOOD!!!!.   I would like to say the last few years at work have been fun but that would be a stretch to say that….The  MARCC and its people have been an interesting place to work.  I will miss some of the friends that I have made, and some good times that I have had while I have been there……

I can say that I am overjoyed that I will be allowed to continue to retirement.  My brother told when I left for bootcamp NOT TO QUIT or EVER GIVE UP and I feel I will be able to see this throug to the end  THANK  GOODNESS.  Just a quick WOO HOO I CAN TRANSFER thought.

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