MARCC Pt XI – The Final Chapter

This will all soon be a distant memory!!!

I have not been bye the theatre all that much, in the last few weeks.   Seems that the last few showings were getting me down.  But then today, out of the blue GREAT NEWS  when I decided to stop by.   Its seems that the powers that be are going to let me stay Navy until my retirement and also let me transfer someplace different.  It is somewhere else on base but it seems like someplace that i will be able to enjoy my last couple of years being Navy.

So in the next days and weeks I will be packing up my desk and all my worldly work possesions, pass down my job and move the HELL OUT OF THE MARCC FOR GOOD!!!!.   I would like to say the last few years at work have been fun but that would be a stretch to say that….The  MARCC and its people have been an interesting place to work.  I will miss some of the friends that I have made, and some good times that I have had while I have been there……

I can say that I am overjoyed that I will be allowed to continue to retirement.  My brother told when I left for bootcamp NOT TO QUIT or EVER GIVE UP and I feel I will be able to see this throug to the end  THANK  GOODNESS.  Just a quick WOO HOO I CAN TRANSFER thought.

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27 thoughts on “MARCC Pt XI – The Final Chapter

  1. I’m happy for you Zman. Hope the new assignment is to your liking.

  2. Good luck for your next assignment and have fun.

  3. That’s amazing news…congratulations! It’s also amazing that you will have stayed in the Navy through to retirement. Although I’m sure it’s been a long and arduous journey, it sounds like you are nearing the end. All the bad times will then have been worth it as you’ll soon be able to enjoy every moment of your life.

    I really hope that you love your new local!

    • Scott

      Yeah thanks…the change of scenery is what i am looking forward to the most…your right though the end is near which is great as well…thanks for coming bye

  4. pop

    Hey Steve Told you not to give up hope.The Family are all very happy about this. Great news!!
    Now I understand The MARCC I take it was more or less a waiting station while they decided what they want to do. Here in NY there is such a dumping ground called 654th Relacement. It was in Totten and they moved it to Hamilton I almost got sent there when they tried to label me Non Deployable during the Gulf, but I fought it and went for a Retention hearing that went my way. Thosewho wound up there were for the most part thrown out. Again Congrats Sailor

    • Pop

      Yeah thanks…no the MARCC was a duty station just i am happy to be leaving..thanks for the support

  5. Well that sounds like great news! Hopefully the year will continue the way it started.

    • Yellowcat

      Yeah things have started on an upbeat note…i too am hoping things stay that way….thanks for the kind words…..

  6. It’s great!!! Good for you! 😀

  7. Yay! That’s fantastic news, Zman.

    See, I told you this was going to be your year!

    (Or if I didn’t actually tell you that, I was at least thinking it!)

    • Bschool

      Yeah thanks for the cheers. You were thinking it i could tell and thats enough for me…..thanks for stopping in

  8. Looks like 2010 is starting off right for you, Steve! Awesome news! That’s the kind of packing that isn’t at all irritating! 🙂

    • Talon

      Yeah things are looking up..thanks. Fortunately for Penelope and myself we dont have to relocate for this…we get to stay put and i just have to go work in a different bldg in the same locale…but yeah this would be happy packing haha Thanks for stopping in

  9. What great news!! So you are sticking with it, but doing something different before you retire?

    • LL Cool

      Yeah thanks. Yeah i will be here til retirement. The last few years i have been working out of my rate (Do a different job) now i will get a chance to work in my rate again before i retire in 2012….thanks for asking and stopping in.

  10. Awesome news! I’m with everyone else in hoping that the change will be a good one and that you enjoy the heck out of the last few years you have left in the Navy! Exciting stuff!

  11. Just Me

    Whoo hoooo baby. Now your ten feet closer to the building I work in. I still wish we could do lunch together but since we are both at different ends of the base guess my amazing cooking at home will have to be enough…!

  12. Just me

    Actually the new bldg is further away from the where you work….but your cooking is the best in the world…

  13. highway

    yeah i hear you z-man its funny i work the state a matter of fact im a civil servant one thing i learned about theses cowards is there afraid to work and get dirty . you know its funny , i remember back when the old timers were around . they liked working hard no bull —- . well hey i know know what its like to work with ,numb nut idiots . thats what makes us better realizing we are not afraid to do better and learn more. well all i have to say is that this trucker is proud of who he is and proud he stands tall like a man .hang in there ,who knows maybe one day you will own a peice of e&m logistics . well time for me to go
    highway is east bound and down

    • Highway

      I dont know much about trucking or csea…but okay i am with you on what you say. …..Thanks for the support and the social commentary…thanks for stopping in…

  14. highway

    oh forgot to add one piece



  15. Your journey ahead is exciting and jolly.

    • Leaf

      Thanks for the words of encouragement…penelope and i look forward to exciting times ahead

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