Best of Stewie!!

Funny stuff…..

Just a quick Stewie Rules thought

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12 thoughts on “Best of Stewie!!

  1. lol! All I can say is, I’m soooo glad my kids weren’t like Stewie (though I have to confess my dog Charlie would definitely go in on a carjacking – lol).

  2. That’s the best clip EVER! You just reminded me that I have to download a few of those..

  3. HAHA!! Thanks Zman, that made my day!

    ps. I love the new blog look!

    • Bschool

      I figured since you put up with old man mills you might need some comic relief…..yeah the new format is the the lastest WP format..figured i needed a change…..thanks

  4. Funny stuff. I like the new look. I considered this theme for mine, however stayed with what I had. Looks good.

  5. To Be Me

    Yeah thanks, I dont like most of the themes but this one had that flashy sort of look….thanks for stopping bye

  6. I hate Stewie so bad I couldn’t even play this video, sorry. lol He freaks me out.

    • Yeah, Stewie is one of a kind…he is like the evil clown….thanks for stopping bye though…

  7. Damn my computer can’t see videos, I’ll check it out when my partner arrives back with the laptop!

  8. LL Cool

    Yeah its a definete must see…cheers…..thanks for stopping bye

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