Snow in the MidAtlantic


A friends horse enjoying the snow!!

I hate snow!!

Something that nearly never happens, has happened.  We got pounded with snow yesterday.  Nearly a foot of snow, which their has not been that much snow since late 90’s.  Penelope and I have been lucky in that we have not seen this much snow since Pittsfield…There is not money in the budget for salt trucks and weather emergency here..for christs sake they shut down when its cold…Have to learn to drive in this crap all over again..good thing its suppose to be 50 degrees by the end of the week and oh yeah i dont have to work tomorow….So I can go out to the stables in the morning…just a quick I hate snow thought….

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14 thoughts on “Snow in the MidAtlantic

  1. You might hate it, but you sure take nice photos of it! Oh, but I wish I could look forward to 50 degree temps in a few days – it will be a few months before we get that!

    It sucks when you get snow in areas that aren’t equipped for it, though, so I’m glad you don’t have to drive around in it.

    • Talon

      I just point and click, not artistic ability here. Yeah this place bites when it comes to snow prep…thanks for stoppin in

  2. It only snows once a year here, if that. I hate the cold weather, but I do love snow. Especially when you don’t have to go to work. For me, it brings a quiet stillness that is beautiful in its serenity. Still, I’d rather be in South Florida…

    Beautiful shots Steve!!

    • Scott

      I totally agree about the quiet serenity snow brings but to me the hassle outweighs anything else it brings…hot weather is easier and more comfortable to live in…thanks for stopping bye

  3. Ha! Now you know how I feel 8 months out of the year…

    Great pics, Zman!

    • I dont see how anyone could feel comfortable in cold weather ……yes i understand…zman sends

  4. 5kidswdisabilities

    Bad snow. Good pictures…
    Lindsey Petersen

  5. Lindsey

    Yeah you could say that..thanks for stoppin in

  6. Nice pictures, and exactly how I prefer snow, in pictures only! lol

    • Auntie J

      I figured after the Stewie video, I better come back with something that you liked…but I will keep trying i guess….thanks for stopping in

  7. We’ve been getting snow in the UK, and it’s something I could certainly live without! Looks great but that’s about it!

    • LL Cool

      Yeah I am not big fan either, luckily it melts quick here with the temps being in the high 40’s and 50′ soon…its pain though…thanks for stoppin bye

  8. I LOVE LOVE your new look. I HATE snow too…but at least yours looks prettier than what I see here!

    • GBU2

      Yeah thanks, I am not crazy about alot of the WP themes, but this new one is okay. I know how you feel about snow, i hate hate snow as well, especially somewhere that snow is a rarity….thanks for stopping in..zman sends

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