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Well, got some bad news the other day.  Not mine though but it seems as though my brother (Slickman – Who is an Iron Worker in the Big Apple) got hurt on the job.  While do some grinding work on a bridge platform, the grinding blade came loose and collided with his chin.  So he has 40 stitches in the chin and some serious swelling.  Slickman is one of the hardest working guys I know, and not being able to work everyday cause of this is going to just make him totally stir crazy.  But heal he must.   His doctors dont know much about the prognosis and will not know until some of the swelling goes down the GAPING GASH starts to heal.  Thats what they called the wound, that does not even sound good.  So penelope and I will be here to help him in any way we can, much the same way he was there for me when I needed it back when…just a quick hope slickman gets better soon thought.

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What does that mean!!!

Hmmm Odd!!!

A little bit ago I read a blog about some of the word searches that find your blog..well today it happened on mine as well…..

What exactly does someone mean to be looking for when they type in “FUNNY BROCCOLI”  or “FUNNY GHETTO CLOCK”.   And now I am curious about how those correlate to my site.  That is odd I think.  Just a quick what the heck does that mean thought.

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Under the Dome!!

A Must Read!!!

I am not usually one too write about a book I have read, but since its a Stephen King book I will take a few minutes out of my incredibly busy life to do so.  It was a great book, with a not so good ending.  Anyone that has ever read one his books knows the build up never usually equals the end.  This is definetely not a typical type book, but it has its moments where I went holy cow…..So I would say if you have the time to read a book that has 1067 page..this is the one to read….just a quick I read a book thought….

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