Under the Dome!!

A Must Read!!!

I am not usually one too write about a book I have read, but since its a Stephen King book I will take a few minutes out of my incredibly busy life to do so.  It was a great book, with a not so good ending.  Anyone that has ever read one his books knows the build up never usually equals the end.  This is definetely not a typical type book, but it has its moments where I went holy cow…..So I would say if you have the time to read a book that has 1067 page..this is the one to read….just a quick I read a book thought….

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11 thoughts on “Under the Dome!!

  1. This book is actually next on my “to buy” list. I love Stephen King and can’t wait to read it.

  2. Heather Jo

    Hope you enjoy…it is one of those books that is tough to put down…thanks for stopping by

  3. I bought this last week and I’m on page 189 and now I’ll be anxious to get to the end and see if I’m disappointed or not.

  4. Talon

    Wow 189…gotta a little ways to go…enjoy….thanks for stopping bye

  5. I’m so excited now! Considering that I read 3 or 4 books a week I just got 27 books off of Amazon, and this was one of them. I’ll be starting it in a day or two. He’s my favorite writer by far of this generation. My favorites were the ‘epics’ like the entire Dark Tower series, The Talisman and The Stand. You have to expect a less than happy ending with him. God I can’t wait now!!

  6. Scott

    Yeah i thought it was better then the Stand but not as good as IT…..but it is a page turner hope you enjoy. thanks for stopping in

  7. I’ve never read a book by Stephen King. I don’t read fiction.

    • Kate

      Never read fiction??! You and I need to have a long conversation, 🙂
      Stephen King is mixed. Some good, some not so good. But he’s the best in his genre.

  8. LL COOL

    Yeah i hear ya…its a good book though..you would not be disappointed..zman sends

  9. Just Me

    Reading it now. Shhhhhh!!

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