What does that mean!!!

Hmmm Odd!!!

A little bit ago I read a blog about some of the word searches that find your blog..well today it happened on mine as well…..

What exactly does someone mean to be looking for when they type in “FUNNY BROCCOLI”  or “FUNNY GHETTO CLOCK”.   And now I am curious about how those correlate to my site.  That is odd I think.  Just a quick what the heck does that mean thought.

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17 thoughts on “What does that mean!!!

  1. Strange. Everyone knows brocolli is one of the more serious vegetables.

    Like the new look zman

  2. Don

    Yeah I know I was thinking the same thing…nothing funny about good nutrition..thanks for stopping in

  3. lol! I wonder if there’s something about broccoli that I’ve been missing?

    Love the new layout. The blues are really nice!

    • Talon

      Yeah thanks WP is actually coming out with some new themes that are more flexible and look better was beginning to lose hope in this new theme dream..but yeah i think there might be something to this broccoli and its comical properties who knew..thanks for stoping in…..zman

  4. I love the color of this new layout Steve!

    You’re lucky to get those fairly normal ones. I somehow get all the serial killers. I did a post in the summer about the unsanitary butcher shops in rural Spain, now everyday I get hits on ‘hanging girl meat’ and other incredibly disturbing word combinations. Aghhh!

    • Scott

      Yeah that is weird..hanging girl meat…..hmmm…just makes you think what people are doing out there in cyber world……WP is coming up with some great themes lately…this one has some really neat options….thanks for stopping in..zman


    yeah z-man i hear you , seems to me these days when some folks speak it seems they donot know the english language. i guess this made up playgroung language or so called ebonics is what these morons speak. i guess i thank god i have a good understanding of the english language. but that also has to do with im married to a education professional . so in highways house we speak properly . anyways time for me to motor on down the highway well keep the greasy side down and the shiny side up .

    love you guys , be back in office soon

    • Highway

      Yeah bud, I dont know what somebody was thinking when they did the word search. Some folks I guess they are just walking around in a daze. Good to hear from you. Good on ya with the greasy side and shiny side thing….thanks for stopping in…Z

  6. highway

    oh love the pic of the z-man great stuff keep on rollin

  7. blissbait

    Well, You know, there are times when I like to hang out with witty bunches of broccoli. They have an amazing sense of humour and timing. It’s a whole broccoli dating service.


    Hey ZMAN! I LOVE Your new room! Wowow! Go away for a bit and I come back to everyone flowing and changing and shifting. Very cool. Hope You and Your love and having a Wonderful start to the new year!!! Cheers and Namaste. 🙂

    • Bliss

      Yeah i guess broccoli has a sense of humor i didnt know about……..its true the blogosphere is always moving and shifting…tough to keep up with sometimes……I love the new setup as well thanks….dont be a stranger……zman

  8. We’ve had similar questions. This search term resulted in four hits on MadSilence:

    “japão tonami tulipa park”

    Go figure!

    • Mad Silence

      Looks like we have similiar surfers…..and their bilingual..hmmm zman sends

  9. My guess is that your contents were picked up by some spam sites, and their “contents” were picked up by search engines. It’s a chain reaction. 🙂

    • Leaf

      Yeah, that makes sense…but still gotta wonder…why would someone put those words together FUNNY BROCCOLI…hmmm and i thought i was strange…zman

  10. I want a funny ghetto clock. Today, somebody found my site with “I found myself in a hospital.” Yesterdy was “1-800-krishna” and “save the hamptons what is wrong”.

    • Ahmnodt

      Yeah those ghetto clocks must be a real laugh a minute a regular riot…dont know what people are thinking sometimes when they surf the net…….i think the internet creates oblivion sometimes…thanks for stopping bye

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