Well, got some bad news the other day.  Not mine though but it seems as though my brother (Slickman – Who is an Iron Worker in the Big Apple) got hurt on the job.  While do some grinding work on a bridge platform, the grinding blade came loose and collided with his chin.  So he has 40 stitches in the chin and some serious swelling.  Slickman is one of the hardest working guys I know, and not being able to work everyday cause of this is going to just make him totally stir crazy.  But heal he must.   His doctors dont know much about the prognosis and will not know until some of the swelling goes down the GAPING GASH starts to heal.  Thats what they called the wound, that does not even sound good.  So penelope and I will be here to help him in any way we can, much the same way he was there for me when I needed it back when…just a quick hope slickman gets better soon thought.

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24 thoughts on “Ouch!!

  1. Super OUCH! I hope Slickman heals really quickly and doesn’t go too stir crazy! His work sounds dangerous (at least to me who is scared of heights). From the sounds of it, he’s very very lucky. And lucky to have such great brotherly support. 🙂

  2. Talon

    Yeah thanks…I will pass that to him…he is doing okay so far…..i too would NOT be an ironworker….thanks for stopping in

  3. My thoughts and prayers are with your brother Steve. Tell him to try to enjoy relaxing (and opiates) for a couple weeks. Lying around with a couple books and a TV sounds really, really nice to me right now. Especially with a script of Perks….

    • Scott

      Yeah thanks i will pass that to him…..i worry cause he does a dangerous job..but he is tough and will be back to what he loves to do soon i am sure…thanks for stopping in..

  4. highway

    i hear you , the slickman is truly a hardworker and a tough guy. k teacher and myself are pulling for him. but hey he will heal, and be back to hanging iron soon . just sucks when one of the crew gets knocked out of game due to injury. so hey lets all keep it safe out there and lets all stay healthy and happy . anyways z-man great to have you in office . talk to you soon time to drive and deliver.

    slickman -z-man-shantyman-highwayman also known as the awsome foursome cant stop that combo

    • Highway

      Yeah..sometimes being in the office brings me peace. I called slick to see how he was doing…i feel bad and wish i could be there to help but this is what it is….but yeah we are inbeatable as long we stick together….thanks for stopping in and punching your time card…

  5. OMG! 40 stitches in his chin!!! There isn’t room for 40 stitches. I’m holding my chin in agony for him. Hope he heals quickly and all is fine.

    • Yellowcat

      Thanks for the nice words i will pass them on to him. But yeah when he told me i did the same thing held me chin…..he is doing okay so far…thanks for stopping in..

  6. blissbait

    Good Lord! Bless his heart. I wish him a speedy recovery. It’s such a wonderful gift that Your family is close and You are there for him. Sending much light Your way!!! Namaste. 🙂

    • Bliss

      Thanks for the kind words I will pass them on to him. Yeah he is the best, he was there for me when i needed him, so penelope and i do what we can to help. Thanks for the light transfer…thanks for stopping in..

  7. Sorry to hear about your brother. It is great that you are there for him. He is in my thoughts.

    • To Be Me

      Yeah thanks, he is hanging in there…just healing up…he is a trooper though. Thanks for stopping in

  8. Just Me

    Cheer up Slickman! We are coming to visit soon. whoo hooooo!!

  9. Ouch I’m sorry to hear about your brother. I have a friend who is a carpenter and he cut off one of his fingers in a freak accident at work.

    Sending good wishes for a speedy recovery!

    • LL Cool

      Yeah thanks for the well wishes, will pass on to my bro. Lost a finger huh OUCH!!!..HOPE your pal is doing okay now…thanks for stopping in

  10. omg I’d be so freaked out…. your poor brother!

    • Auntie J

      At first he didnt know it was a bad as it was. Only after the doc said it was bad, did he realize holy smokes!!!…But he is doing okay so ar..will pass along well wishes….thanks for stopping in…

  11. um, wow. that sounds terrible! gosh. well you be sure to take good care of him! my dad works construction too and i’m always so worried about him..

  12. Blunt

    Yeah..will do what I can thanks. I hear ya about the worrying, its a dangerous job and the anything can happen factor is high. Thanks for stopping in…..zman

  13. Zman,

    I’m sorry to hear about your brother. I know he’s lucky to have you and Penelope there.

    ps. Sorry I haven’t been by lately (I am in Guatemala right now), but I have to say I love the new blog, Z! This is fantastic!

    • Bschool

      He seems to doing much better….Thanks for the well wishes I will pass them on. Guatemla sounds exciting….everytime I hear Guatemala I think about the Hank Azaria character in the Birdcage and how he pronounced it…hope you trip is good….zman

  14. He’ll come through. Best wishes!

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