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Funny Song

Funny song….Just a quick Im awesome thought…

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The FRC Chronicles – Pt I

The New Dwellings!!


……So here we are are…another command another building.   Everytime you transfer in the Navy, its like starting a new job with new people that operate completely different from the last place.   But truth be told everyone in THIS job should do things almost the same. 

I like the new place but we are still in the honeymoon meet and greet stage,  you dont really see the true colors of the Sailors around you until you are there are while and your competitive nature kicks in. 

I can kind of see, who is a player (Navyspeak for who are the command chosen ones) and who are not.  While it is true that the our system works on who kisses ass the most the merit system of who leads and who follows some commands have their golden childs.  And some of those are where the dirt pile starts. 

So over the next I dont know how long,  I will document what happens.  And I hope good things happen and  together we can somehow carthetically dispell some of the bad shit that happens at new commands…Just a quick thought…..


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What is Going to Happen First!!

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