Screw it, Take a Nap!!

Napping against the hickory tree!!

Well,  after finally transferring from the MARCC  I am between duty stations right now which means time off.  One of the things that really irks Penelope is that I always say I am going to do this and that when I get some time off. You think I ever do those things NOT…Its not for a lack of effort, its just laziness.  There are a ton of things that I could do today for example

Go to DMV to renew my drivers license (That requires leaving the ranch..Hmmm strike one)

Clean out the Garage (Dont have to leave the ranch, but I do have to leave the house itself)

Sort the laundry (I bought the baskets and does not require anyone in the civilized to know what I am doing….hmmm)

Watch AMERICAN GOTHIC series (I asked Fefe to get it for me on EBAY she did and its just been sitting there in the box)

Do a house project (We are leaving soon enough and have to get our little casa in shape…)

I often think time off is like an illness you get it and you feel there is just nothing you can do or want to do…So I head back to work on Thursday (This is my final push to retirement  SEE TICKER)  and am looking forward to more time off in May..what a life this is….just a quick CAN I TAKE A BREAK thought…

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12 thoughts on “Screw it, Take a Nap!!

  1. Your post title cracked me up! It’s true – when we finally have time to do all the things that have been waiting for us to have the time to do, who wants to?

    Just think of all the things you will have waiting for you in May 😉

    • Talon

      Isnt it true though, we make plans for a few days off, I am going to do this and that and sometime we do them but sometimes those days go by so quick. I actually have someplace TO GO in Mavy so i will get some stuff done…thanks for stopping in…

  2. I always have high hopes for getting stuff done when I have extra time off, but I never do it either. lol I’ve been trying to get all the walls painted since Christmas, and have all the stuff, but just don’t have the motivation.

  3. Auntie J

    I think its in our DNA to plan but not to execute when we have time off…thanks for stopping in…

  4. highway

    well can definately here you im just finally realizing that relaxing and resting is good for the soul and the spirit at least thats what the wife tells me who knows anyhow during down time i put the old truck in neutral and i just slowly coast . i do some things arount thr ranch but mostly chill well i gotta get rolling hey keep the wheels turning so we keep on earning im gone

    • Highway

      Yeah sometimes we get caught up in the GET UP AND GO of life and dont take the break we need. Good to see you put the truck in coast once in a while…thanks for stopping in…

  5. During the week I think of tons of things to do on my days off…clean the oven, paint the bathroom, organize closets & spare rooms…but when my days off get here all I want to do is sleep & be lazy. I usually manage to get something accomplished on my second day off, but it is never as much as I planned.

    • Yellow Cat

      Yeah its always the case huh…The funny thing is we always see ourselves doing these things….thanks for stopping in

  6. blissbait

    Yep! I can relate. I did just that last FRiday. My ‘to do’ lists have been off the chart lately. Ran myself down and got all weepy and cranky and around three in the afternoon last Friday I just stopped, put on my pj’s and took a nap. Woke. Ate some chocolate. Heaven. Naps are GGGOOOOOOODDD! I’m wishing You lovely, healing down-time! Cheers and Namaste. 🙂

    • Bliss

      Sometimes the Pj’s are just what the doctor ordered and the chocolate mmmmmm what a great combo….thanks for the kind words and for stoppin in

  7. Sometimes simply being out weighs all of the doing. Enjoy!

  8. To Be ME

    Yes Yes right you are….Zman

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