The FRC Chronicles – Pt I

The New Dwellings!!


……So here we are are…another command another building.   Everytime you transfer in the Navy, its like starting a new job with new people that operate completely different from the last place.   But truth be told everyone in THIS job should do things almost the same. 

I like the new place but we are still in the honeymoon meet and greet stage,  you dont really see the true colors of the Sailors around you until you are there are while and your competitive nature kicks in. 

I can kind of see, who is a player (Navyspeak for who are the command chosen ones) and who are not.  While it is true that the our system works on who kisses ass the most the merit system of who leads and who follows some commands have their golden childs.  And some of those are where the dirt pile starts. 

So over the next I dont know how long,  I will document what happens.  And I hope good things happen and  together we can somehow carthetically dispell some of the bad shit that happens at new commands…Just a quick thought…..


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21 thoughts on “The FRC Chronicles – Pt I

  1. New starts are always a little weird even if you know your job and what you’re supposed to do. You’ve been around enough to get a feel quickly for the new dynamic and adapt. Best of luck to you!

    • Heather Jo

      Yeah your right…i cant wait for the day i can have one job for a longer period of time…thanks for the kind words…thanks for stopping in ..zman sends

  2. highway

    yeah hear that , new starts can be somewhat trying or just weird who knows way i see it gotta do what you feel most comfy with me well i play nice till its time to be bad then well i get sent to the corner so play nice with all the new kids at school even though they might not know squat he he he

  3. Highway

    Nice of you to stop bye the office today..geez been a while damn gear jammers…yeah I dont want to get sent to the corner in my line of work..but I am trying not too rattle anyones cage just yet…..thanks for stopping bye

  4. I hope it all settles down quickly and well for you. It’s always tough to know just when the honeymoon phase ends and the real day-to-day kicks in!

  5. Talon

    I am hpping the honeymoon phase can last until Aug 2012…the day I retire..then i can divorce myself from this job……thanks for stopping bye

  6. You would think things would be the same everywhere in the military, but since humans are part of it, I guess not.

    Look forward to hearing your stories.

    • YellowCat

      Yeah most people would, but the more places you go the more things seem to different from the last. Thanks for stopping bye

  7. I wish you the best of luck my friend. I know that it’s never easy, especially with so many huge egos involved. As long as you don’t have to deal with a Big Rennie……..

    • Scott

      Ha Ha…Love the Big Rennie..thing…great cut in to the book..Yeah their can be Rennie types you just have to know where to tread lightly sometimes. But overall most new experiences agree with me…..Thanks for stoppin in..

  8. Change of location and jobs is always a very interesting time. I always found change of assignment as an exciting time.

    • To Be Me

      Yeah I agree it is exciting with the change of scenery and people. This is my favorite in alot of ways already. It being my last duty station its going to be the one i remember the most. I ran into a guy that i knew in my first command 92-97..and we fell right into the you remember when somethings really never change with this job…thanks for stoppin in

    • Lisa

      me too

  9. Good luck, Zman!

    Remember, you’re heading into home stretch now…

    • Bschool

      Thanks for the words of encouragement..I definetely see the finish line in sight..thanks for stopping bye

  10. Thanks for your visit and your kind words….Blogging is everything I hoped for, and more! I hope you find it the same. Much good luck in your new job and post….May The Honeymoon last till your retirement….!

    • Lady of the Hills

      Thanks for the kind words..and yeah i am hoping the honeymoon phase lasts that long..and past it onto my next career…I really enjoyed your site….thanks for stopping bye

  11. imagine if there was a navy of all women. oh i think their heads would spontaneously combust from all the drama.

    • Blunt

      Hahahah…If I ever said that at work, oh my goodness their would be a freakin nuclear meltdown. Luckily most of the women i work with are drama free…..thanks for stopping bye

  12. Well good luck! I hope you’re happy at the new post.

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