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The Next Life!!!!

Spring on the Ranch!!!

Sitting out front enjoying the spring in the Midlant what could be better, except for planning my next life.  Now that I have started school (AGAIN) i am starting to think about life after the Navy (2 yrs)  and what our (Penelope and I) life is going to be in a few short years.  There are things that I would like to do, you know those lists that everyone makes about what they are going to do when they retire.  I dont plan to make any extreme changes but their are things that I would like to do……Backpack across the U.S…….seems like a safe thing….maybe go to Law School…..take a cool hobby like painting …..write about my life and the effect that Cancer had on my family and myself…..go see Mt McKinley……Learn Hindi… on a farm or something close to it…..My first life has been an outstanding adventure and journe, I would not trade it or do anything different…As long as I have Penelope by my side and I can stay in the sun most of the time then I think I will be happy….and if not well thats what cannabis is for haahahahahahha….Just a quick thought….

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