Round 3 Done and Won!!!

Few from the back gate!!!

Well here i am,  its been a little bit of an odyssey.  So after I looked around i found the keys to the office and decided to come in…gotta tell ya this place needs to be cleaned up..where in the hell is my hired help.  I sit here and type and get retrospective about my life and the direction its heading in.  I am very happy with my life, although I wish it was less complicated.  My Penelope is my very best friend on this planet and without her love and support I dont know that we would have won this round…but we did thanks to her.  I am very opptimistic about the future and the things ahead, what i want to accomplish and when and how.  So where do we go from here…FORWARD…So friends I am back for the time being……now geez someone make some coffee and for chrissakes leave me alone to watch old James Cagney movies and get the hell off my property…..just a quick return to the office thought……

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18 thoughts on “Round 3 Done and Won!!!

  1. YAYAY!!!

    I’m so excited to see you, Z!!! I miss your quick thoughts like nobody’s business!!!

    • Bschool

      Listening to Elton John..Im still standing…thats what its like sometimes…but i am back for the bookmobile and other thoughts you speak of so eloquently..thanks for stopping bye…

  2. Dawn E

    What up Zman?

    • Dawn E

      Things are things here…..everyday is better then the previous one…We have beaten it back AGAIN…..thanks for all the support…..hows things with you….zman

    • Just Me

      Dawn E,

      Hi honey. He will happy you stopped in. What’s on your end? 🙂

  3. Steve, absolutely lovely to see you! Congrats to you! You are blessed to have Penelope by your side. Awesome awesome news! *putting down a huge ass carafe full of piping hot coffee and tiptoeing quietly off the property*

    • Talon

      You can stay on the property if you are taking pictures of those birds and nature that you post so beautifully…thanks for the kind words good to be back ..thanks for stopping in….zman

  4. hey!!! you’re back! glad you are happy in life. and as far as the complicated part – good luck. i don’t think that ever goes away!

    • Blunt

      Yeah life complications are an unfortunate bump in the road…but their is always double stuff oreos and snapple he he …thanks for stopping in…

  5. Congratulations Steve, my thoughts and prayers have been with you. When I saw that you were back again it brought a smile to my face. I’m so glad you’re back home!

    • Scott

      Thanks for the thoughts and prayers you are a truly great friend…it feels good to be back at some things…a sense of normalcy…thanks for stopping in

  6. I make HORRIBLE coffee. You’ll have to assign that duty to someone else. 🙂

    • Heather Jo

      Yeah thats ok…as soon as highwayman comes in he will be making coffee..he doesnt know it yet though……but you are always welcome on the farm….thanks for stopping in…

  7. So glad you and Penelope are back! Much love and peace to you Z Man!

    • Mark

      Thanks…its good to be back among friends…….thanks for stopping in

  8. Glad to see you again! The cleaning fairies never visit my house either, but the mess making ones do.

    The new layout looks nice.

  9. Just Me

    My baby’s back. Good on ya sweetums….Luv u..

  10. Hey Steve…. good to see you on our blog earlier. All the best to you’n’yours mate.

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