FRC Chronicles Pt II

Home til 2012

Well,  much like the rest of the population when I do leave the ranch its to go to work….for at least another 700 days.  Yes, thats when i can pull the plug on this job.  I actually like working there, and as each days passes I feel better and the crew I work with makes me feel like one of the guys.  I wont mention them by name, but their is the AS, the AT’S, A tweek,  a Mech and an Airframer and of course the Senior Chief (who does not have a theme song yet!!!!).  I dont know what the next 2 yrs there hold for me, but I am happy to working there and working with such a dedicated bunch of professionals….yes even the 2 fellas that work for and do what they need to do to keep me out of trouble….and as you all know my motto just keep my out of trouble……on a sad note though….one of my fellow Sailors retired the other day..she will be missed by me and our Navy….just a quick FRC thought

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4 thoughts on “FRC Chronicles Pt II

  1. It will be amazing how quickly those 700 days pass by. Glad your crew is great and that work is going well, zman!

    • Talon

      I am hoping the time goes bye quick but not so much that i miss something i shouldnt have…thanks for stopping in

  2. Hmmm…it looks so governmental.

    Working with people you like makes the time pass much faster, doesn’t it.

    • Cat

      Yeah Navy bldgs tend to have that look……lol……its a neat place to work for the most part…..thanks for stopping in

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