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Lack of Leadership!!

Yes, I know he would have been pissed off!!!


… while the Giants were begging the Titans to beat them I was perusing some old military news stories in the Pilot Online.  I dont think I realized how much of lack of leadership there is right now in my Navy.  No less then 14 senior military folks have been relieved of their command billets in the last year or so.  It existed when I was first coming up but not to this extent.  Today their are charges like fraternization, assault, Drinking and Driving and other forms of professional misconduct.  For me the real nonsense about all this, is that for the most part these folks (who should be showing leadership) just get reassigned and move on.  Whereas someone like myself would be reduced in rank and more then likely be shown the door.  It  really appears that the folks that should be issuing the punishments for the things  are just simply asleep at the wheel…its a good thing for me I retire in a short time and will not have to deal with folks that obviously dont know this job has a shelf life.  I do often wonder what would Admiral Nimitz or Master Chief Black think of all this crap going on today….just a quick can I retire now thought….

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Zeus Gazette Blog of the Year 10′

I had my guys rake out the stables and go get me some fresh fruit.  The other guy came bye and cleaned up the theatre and drove down the road for my mail.  So the only thing left is to post the ZG Blog of the Year.  I really wonder what I pay these people for…So here it is….Just a quick polling thought

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