Zeus Gazette Blog of the Year 10′

I had my guys rake out the stables and go get me some fresh fruit.  The other guy came bye and cleaned up the theatre and drove down the road for my mail.  So the only thing left is to post the ZG Blog of the Year.  I really wonder what I pay these people for…So here it is….Just a quick polling thought

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25 thoughts on “Zeus Gazette Blog of the Year 10′

  1. I vote for YOURS! 😉

    • Heather

      Your so kind, but I find the ones on my blogroll much more interesting…thanks for stopping by..zman

  2. Fresh fruit is good for you 🙂

    Wow, there’s a lot of great blogs, aren’t there? I’m with iamheartherjo – yours! 🙂

    • Talon

      Yours is my way more artistic and artful…i am just someone on the farm…thanks for stopping in…

  3. aw shucks…..

    thanks for the nomination.

    i’ll start trying on dresses from Oscar de la Renta

    • Blunt

      You deserve to thank the academy……we all love your rantings ..i meant writings and musings….zman sends

  4. Appreciate the nod, Zman, and nice to see you back blogging as well. I recognize most of the folks you’ve listed but will be sure to check out those I don’t know. I always enjoy finding a new read.

    All the best,


  5. highway

    Hey Boss , welcome back to the office . glad to have you back here with us. sure has been lonely around here , but now that your back . its time to get the presses started. so with that .k teacher and i wanna say WELCOME BACK and on a more personal note WE LOVE YOU .you know , highway learned something . I learned that you truly are a tough guy and yet a huge INSPIRATION to us all im proud that you are a part of highways life . oh highway gonna be changing screen names soon gonna be lawman . school is great im gone

    • Highway

      Sure is good to hear from you and nice to have you back here….thought i was going to have to demote you to stable boy…thats ok your still my right hand guy……thanks for the nice thoughts the feeling is mutual….be well be good…much love zman sends thanks for stopping in……

  6. I read about the seizure…hope everything is ok now. I’ll have to check out some of those blogs. The main one I am familiar with is Mr. Crabs.

    • Rico

      Thanks for the kind words, yeah i am feeling better and everyday is better then the previous…cmon on in browse…..thanks for stopping in…

  7. I’m honored, Zman.

    But I agree with Heatherjo and Talon. Yours should be on the list!

    • Bschool

      No No..i draw all my inspiration from all of you out there……….Grandpa used to tell me better to give then receive (no not mr mills) …..thanks for stopping in

  8. Wow Zman thanks for including me in such an exceptional grouping! It’s great to see you getting back into a rhythm again as well!

    At least the theater is still standing, huh?

    • Scott

      Yeah its always good when the theatre is still here….i would say with your blog the rest are in your great company…you keep us all on our toes …….but trying to get back in the groove…thanks for stopping in every little bit counts….

  9. I was hoping there would have been a write-in option as it would have been good practice for the 2012 Presidential election. I ended up voting for the crabby guy.

    • Ahmnodt

      We tried the write in option last year but alot of folks didnt like the hermaphadite porno sites so we sort of abandon that idea this year….i agree it would be good practice for 2012…with Obama leaving office and all…..Mr Mills will be happy to see more folks on his site i am sure…thanks for stopping in…

  10. Hey, thank you for the comment on my recent Labor Day post. Just wanted to let ya know that I have more than just the title there now 🙂 I had a hell of a time getting my images and captions to show up and finally figured it out. Also, thank you for adding me to your blog roll. This will be reciprocated, not only because you added me, but I like your blog as well.

    • Rico

      Yeah your welcome…i like your site..its one of those that make you smile…..always good to have more friends…..thanks for stopping bye…

  11. Z Man,
    Just checking in. Hope all is well. I am honored be among the nominees, thank-you for this honor. Much love and peace to you.

    • Mark

      No award list would be tried and true without you on it…….thanks for stopping in

  12. Hey thanks for listing my blog, there are quite a few I don’t know so I better go and check them out before I vote. Can I vote my own blog? 😀 Only joking! At least that way it will get one vote!

    • LL Cool

      Yeah the office loves your blog and your u k perspective on lifes journey,,,,thanks for stopping in

  13. Really? Thanks so much, it’s great to be read, and thank you so much for your support.

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