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2010 – That was a close one!!

I love this place!!

Well….As this year comes to a close I can say with 100%  certainty this was the worst year of my life..but oddly also the best.  I should probably explain this.  The year started off simply enough, transferring to another command where i sat around for a month or two before AZC (He will be important in this story later)  found a job for me.  Now i cannot entirely say the job was all that bad cause it was mids and the guy i worked with is a funny dude.  But like people say all good things end and this one did and HOW!!!…I was rolling in JASU til May when my old nemesis showed up AGAIN!! I swear i hate this motherfucker but none the less BAM here it is AGAIN….BUT..yes a young warrior was there to SAVE ME THAT NIGHT!!! so the nemesis thinking putting it in my head would get me..BAM NO DICE FOR IT (Cancer x3) So know it knew that i could fight it I WOULD and low behold Nemesis LOST yet again.  Silly FUCK should know better by now…Now remember I talked about AZC earlier..he along with others from where i work along  with Family were by my bedside cheering me on..telling me to fight Nemesis and everyone was up for a fight to banish it and we did.  Did I mention I also somehow broke my shoulder that night as well, dont know how that happened, maybe some overzealous parameds trying to get their pqs signed off or working on that eagle scout badge.  So after 2 more surgeries and dont know how many tests it was home for me..and dont you know my angel Florence Nightingale (Penelope) was there for me and nursed me back to health.  So dont you know 50 days later I am up and around..all of sudden its July..and where o where will the ZMAN work…turned out my humor and bright spirit wound up ..upstairs working with the gents in the Pubs dude..where i reside to this day…I was able to mosey off the ranch and go north to see my family especially my parents (Yes the Zman too has parents) so they could know I am in fact okay and getting better.  Now you ask, why did you tell this story..well one cause I missed my fellow bloggers and to tell you to never give up and never stop dreaming of tomorow cause it will be a day full of new experiences even they are fucked up for a little bit.  So the theatre lights are back come on down and enjoy the show cause there are more stories about FRC and the ranch and my FB family I would like to tell you…Just a quick thought about how this year was very bad and awesome at the same time….How was it good…i discovered what real love is and why every day is worthing living to its fullest…Zman sends


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