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Changes on the Ranch!!!


Love the tile!!

Well, it took a little bit and we still have this and that to do, but one of the bathrooms in our   house has finally been replaced.  Let me back up and tell this story from the beginning.  A while ago,  we had a leak in the this bathroom which he got fixed and I was petrified that there would be mildew or mold behind the wall.

Big Mirror ..Cool


Like any homeowner sometimes life gets in the way and you keep putting things off, well no more this past week it was finally completed.  My niece has a friend that was very generous with his time to help us out (turned out he did most of the work and YES WE PAID HIM) so we could check this off the TO DO LIST.  Oh wait, there was no damage whatsoever behind the wall…cool break huh!.  Do you know how much of a freakin pain in the ass it is to to hang a door..but Penelope and I muddled through and finished it.

Showerhead..One Word Awesome


  I think its a beautiful bathroom, and we are planning something special for the upstairs bathroom as well, but we have to sit down and figure what we want.  I love owning a home but they can be just a butt crack of time to take care of.  My dad always told me when shit breaks fix it right away LOL..but if you read my story you will understand when i say Life gets in the niece also cleaned up the garage and is going hard and fast at what looks like her career direction in photography.  I would tell you what her company name is but I dont think she would want it put out just yet..but her setup is fantastic and she has a great eye for pictures. well there you have it for some changes around this here ranch.  Just a quick new bathroom story thought.

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FRC Chronicles Pt III – Fleet Reserve.

A Global force for Good!!!

The crew at work was sitting around the other day and talking about back in the day, and i got to thinking well hell next month is the beginning of the end for me.  Now as far as Time in service goes, I think I am 4th in line behind CWO5 who has 31 yrs, Senior who has 20 something and LPO who has 19, and little ole me pulling up the rear with 18.5.  And you ask why do I mention that.  Because  next month I put in my fleet reserve  which essentially are my retirement papers.  Most places you go in this Navy its 18 mos out from your retirement date.  Mine would be 3Aug2012, a date I cannot wait to get here.  My retirement request is quite simple, you state what your date is in writing (its called a chit) and except for some isolated circumstances Big Navy approves it.  The only big question I really have to make over the next mos is wether i am going to have a retirement ceremony.  Cant say i really have my mind made up yet, I am leaning towards having a blowout party…yeeeaaaaaaaahhh.  But who knows, maybe I get selected for Chief……nooo I am still leaving either way.  And of course i will need to get my shadow box made and go to TAP class a few times but those are stories  for another day…just a quick retirement thought…

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Pretty Cool!!

Great Pic I think!!


Well,  this past weekend I went and got my second tattoo and I gotta tell I think this one is way cool.  Now I wont lie this hurt like a bitch, much like the first one.  You remember the first right one right, the kick ass LIVESTRONG tattoo.  I know why i got that one, it was for the cause and also getting a “TAT”  was on my bucket list.   This one, I dont know..I think that this past summer maybe I developed a deeper sense of who I am and my belief in God.  I heard this verse one time and it kind of stuck, and like I said it matched my most recent battle this  past summer.  So Saturday, knowing the pain that would be involved (Yes getting a tattoo is not pleasant) I sacked up and got it done.  The tattoo is a bible verse  (PHILIPPIANS 2:12) that I have come to believe is so totally true about this life.  So now both my forearms are INKED UP….Penelope said I look like a tough guy, okay she didnt use those words..but she wanted too…Anyway..Just a quick TAT thought

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