Pretty Cool!!

Great Pic I think!!


Well,  this past weekend I went and got my second tattoo and I gotta tell I think this one is way cool.  Now I wont lie this hurt like a bitch, much like the first one.  You remember the first right one right, the kick ass LIVESTRONG tattoo.  I know why i got that one, it was for the cause and also getting a “TAT”  was on my bucket list.   This one, I dont know..I think that this past summer maybe I developed a deeper sense of who I am and my belief in God.  I heard this verse one time and it kind of stuck, and like I said it matched my most recent battle this  past summer.  So Saturday, knowing the pain that would be involved (Yes getting a tattoo is not pleasant) I sacked up and got it done.  The tattoo is a bible verse  (PHILIPPIANS 2:12) that I have come to believe is so totally true about this life.  So now both my forearms are INKED UP….Penelope said I look like a tough guy, okay she didnt use those words..but she wanted too…Anyway..Just a quick TAT thought

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22 thoughts on “INKED UP!!!

  1. I got my first (I intend on getting at least one more) when I was 25. On the top of my left foot. I love tattoos.

    All I could see from my reader was the first pic and I was thinking “Hey, he got a tattoo like Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson! Then I opened the link and saw the rest of the entry. Haha! 😀

    • Heather….The top pic is just a pic I took off a site…then decided hey I can download from phone…the pup in the background is just priceless….go for it….get inked up and post pics….thanks for stopping bye

  2. By the way, the little doggie in the background is pretty darn cute, too.

  3. Just Me

    At least I didn’t get my feet in the pic this time. Ha. That little doggie is adorable isn’t he? Luv u…

    • Just me…..yeah you did…..the little dog pic is great, its like he is peeking around the corner…thanks for stopping. In

  4. hey you!!!

    love the tat. and i hope you are having a splendid beginning to your new year =)

    miss you!

    • Blunt……yeah thanks….this verse helped me get past stuff this summer…….hope your new years is off to a sparkling start as well……thanks for stopping bye

  5. Great tats! I bet that’s a really painful place to have a tat as well.

    Love the dog in the background too! Sorry I haven’t been been here for a bit, you know how real life gets in the way!

    • LL Cool

      Yeah i hear ya life gets in the way…most tats are painful this one not too bad cause its not that big with thin letters and all…but you make small talk and boom your done….the dog pic was taken without noticing the little guy back there…love the pic though looks like he is peeking around…thanks for stopping bye

  6. Interesting Tattoo’s….The pain wouldn’t be worth it to me—but, that’s me!

    As to the little dogs in blankets “starters”—we didn’t have any of those. We had Hot Stuffed Mushrooms with Crab, Dates with Cream Cheese wrapped in Purschuto and warmed in the oven—DELICIOUS, Crudite with a dipping sauce and Heated Apricot Brie with Crackers…ALL YUMMMMMY!

    • Lady of the Hills

      MMMM sounds like great snack food…throw in some Black Gekko Merlot and I am there…Tattoo pain is weird, depends on the artist and where on your body it is…but to me its worth it…thanks for stopping bye..

  7. Zman, I love the tats! And I love that you put them on your forearms where you can see them and appreciate them. All my kids have tattoos (I designed one for my youngest son) and I always told them to get them in a place where they can really appreciate them (and the pain they went through to get them). I’ve always wanted one, but haven’t found anything yet that really resonates with me…

    • Talon ….yeah thanks….my tattoos are self expression about the things that have happened in my life…with a mix of support for others….I agree with u about location….u should find what u feel strongly about that might be a tattoo worth the pain…thanks for stopping bye

  8. highway

    i can totally connect on the spirituality of phillipians 12:22 one of my favorites is psalm 23 yi like the tats you truly are a bad ass and in my opinion the toughest guy i ever came across
    highway is inked up himself might get one more on chest to cover another one up so hey much love to you penelope and the z-man great pic of z-man by the way

  9. Highway

    I am sure you meant 2:12. But yeah Psalm 23 is a very comforting one as well. I take comfort in the fact that I know he has a plan for me, as well he does for you….You know the tattoo thing for me is just a way to express my self and my experiences in this life….well thanks for stopping in. Get that dang truck off my lawn your gonna wake the dogs..again…..thanks for stopping bye…

  10. Very nice! I have 3 tattoos and if I had more money I’d have more.

    • Yellowcat…….what kind of tattoos r they….t they symbolic of anything….I love Tats ….I am going to get another…maybe a Celtic cross on my chest……..thanks for stopping bye…

  11. They are symbolic of nothing, but have lots of memories. I want to get more which actually stand for something.

  12. Last couple times I tried to read your blog, I couldn’t access it and thought maybe you took it down! Glad to see you’re here…awesome tats. Gonna get some on my feet when it warms up, and yeah, I’m sure it’ll hurt! lol

    • Auntie Juice

      ……..You couldnt get to my blog…hmmm..I got my IT dept involved and its fixed. I value when my friends stop bye and say hey. I love my tattoos, I had always heard they were addictive and now that I have a couple i can say they are. The pain is temporary, the coolness lasts a lifetime…..thanks for stopping bye

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