FRC Chronicles Pt III – Fleet Reserve.

A Global force for Good!!!

The crew at work was sitting around the other day and talking about back in the day, and i got to thinking well hell next month is the beginning of the end for me.  Now as far as Time in service goes, I think I am 4th in line behind CWO5 who has 31 yrs, Senior who has 20 something and LPO who has 19, and little ole me pulling up the rear with 18.5.  And you ask why do I mention that.  Because  next month I put in my fleet reserve  which essentially are my retirement papers.  Most places you go in this Navy its 18 mos out from your retirement date.  Mine would be 3Aug2012, a date I cannot wait to get here.  My retirement request is quite simple, you state what your date is in writing (its called a chit) and except for some isolated circumstances Big Navy approves it.  The only big question I really have to make over the next mos is wether i am going to have a retirement ceremony.  Cant say i really have my mind made up yet, I am leaning towards having a blowout party…yeeeaaaaaaaahhh.  But who knows, maybe I get selected for Chief……nooo I am still leaving either way.  And of course i will need to get my shadow box made and go to TAP class a few times but those are stories  for another day…just a quick retirement thought…

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20 thoughts on “FRC Chronicles Pt III – Fleet Reserve.

  1. Definitely, no matter what, you have to celebrate your retirement! I say have a total blow-out party!

    • Talon……your right I somehow think that a party might be the way to go…a summer blowout….like I am a teen again haha…..thanks for stopping bye

  2. highway

    well when time comes yes siree we are going to give you the wiz bang send off and proper retirement ceremony you deserve so dont worry troops are on the way to see you off oh by the way i wont park the truck on lawn anymore ill park her up the street on neighbors lawn ha ha ha ha love you bro

  3. Highway

    Yeah well have to see hows things are going in the spring/summer of 2012…hopefully I can walk out the door in may-june time frame…you know what would be great spend a year in mexico oh that would be a great start to retirement but dont think penelope will let me do that…either way its going to be that or not leave the ranch for a year…….well have to see……thanks for stopping bye

  4. Why can’t you do both? Have a Retirement Ceremony AND have a Big Retirement Party, too! Unless there is something about Navy rules against that…I say, Go for the whole Enchilada!!!

    • Lady of the the Hills

      Spose I could, well have to wait and see and see how the spirit moves me…your invited though…thanks for stopping bye

  5. Congratulations! That is a big achievement. You’re going to need lots of cake, ice cream, and maybe a couple of glitter cannons for a proper send-off.

    • Sparkling Red

      A GLITTER thats an idea…and of course lots of cakes and sweets….but a GLITTER CANON…hmmmm you might be on to something…….thanks for stopping in..zman sends

  6. sunflowergrandma

    I think you shoud have the biggest and best retirement ceremony, you had a great re-enlistment in MA so why not do this better. You deserve it. I’m with Sparkling Red why not do both Mexico and nice retirement party.

    • Sunflower

      I would love to do both, but I dont know it takes planning and energy. I cant really see a place here to retire..the location i am talking about, but well see. As far as Mexico goes, i dont know if alot of people would dig me disapearing by myself for a year…but after the last three years mexico might be the way to go…….thanks for stopping bye

  7. First off, congrats!!!

    Secondly, I have to agree with old lady from the hills.

    • Rico

      Hey thanks rico, Yeah i have to agree i guess too…maybe a ceremony with a barbaque kegger to follow…might be the way to go….lol….thanks for stopping bye

  8. Just Me

    You can go to Mexico if you want baby. I’m not gonna put up a fight. I’m just gonna be a few steps behind you is all. 😉 luv u…

    • Just me……..yeah a yr in Mexico with beer and good friends would be great..but not realistic….how about I stay home but I party everyday….thanks for being my love

  9. I say that you have to go for it brother! That’s one hell of an accomplishment. I think that you should certainly celebrate a lifetime’s worth of achievement and success. You have to!

    • Scott, hey bud hope all is well and as close to stress free as can be. Yeah I agree lots of folks think I should both party and ceremony…..prolly what ill end up doin…..its still a ways off…..but thanks. For stopping bye

  10. Pop

    You know Zman you remember the good times and you remember the bad times, and then you think about what led you to this point. And then you say to yourself Yes it is time. So Party up my Son. It goes with the close of a distinguished Career

    • Pop….yeah were gonna have to see which way the wind takes us….maybe we do both….thanks for stopping in

  11. You have to have a leaving party.
    Then have a retirement party on the bowls green with bacon baps and your sweater round you next, oh and dont forget your slippers. ha ha.
    I’m just fooling around.
    Definitely have a big party.
    chug chug chug

    • Art…….I might just have to have a cheese n wine sitdown…with my napa friends in sort of a flip chappeu atmosphere….no screw it a kegger with my navy buds is the way to go…..thanks for stopping bye

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