Changes on the Ranch!!!


Love the tile!!

Well, it took a little bit and we still have this and that to do, but one of the bathrooms in our   house has finally been replaced.  Let me back up and tell this story from the beginning.  A while ago,  we had a leak in the this bathroom which he got fixed and I was petrified that there would be mildew or mold behind the wall.

Big Mirror ..Cool


Like any homeowner sometimes life gets in the way and you keep putting things off, well no more this past week it was finally completed.  My niece has a friend that was very generous with his time to help us out (turned out he did most of the work and YES WE PAID HIM) so we could check this off the TO DO LIST.  Oh wait, there was no damage whatsoever behind the wall…cool break huh!.  Do you know how much of a freakin pain in the ass it is to to hang a door..but Penelope and I muddled through and finished it.

Showerhead..One Word Awesome


  I think its a beautiful bathroom, and we are planning something special for the upstairs bathroom as well, but we have to sit down and figure what we want.  I love owning a home but they can be just a butt crack of time to take care of.  My dad always told me when shit breaks fix it right away LOL..but if you read my story you will understand when i say Life gets in the niece also cleaned up the garage and is going hard and fast at what looks like her career direction in photography.  I would tell you what her company name is but I dont think she would want it put out just yet..but her setup is fantastic and she has a great eye for pictures. well there you have it for some changes around this here ranch.  Just a quick new bathroom story thought.

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24 thoughts on “Changes on the Ranch!!!

  1. OH! I want a new bathroom too!!!! It’s beautiful!! *sigh*

    • Heather Jo…….thanks…..its great now that its done….you can do yours and post pics…..thanks for stopping bye

  2. Oooh, I love it! Pretty tiles. That showerhead looks great too.

    • Red….thank you…Penelope gets all the credit she picked out the scheme and all……thanks for stopping bye

  3. Just Me

    I love it. It is sooo pretty.

  4. Penelope has great taste – the bathroom looks stunning! And that showerhead looks amazing! Isn’t it great when something turns out so fantastic? Kind of makes you forget all the pain in the butt stuff that goes on between start to finish 🙂

    Can’t wait to check out your niece’s photography, Steve!

    • Talon…..thanks I will tell Penelope the compliment. I think she has a terrific eye for design…….I agree about the shower head…but I think its coming down for something else…..Penelope runs the show lolololol…..thanks for stopping bye

  5. How great that you have the help you need to make such an important change in your home environment…..These things can take the stuffing right out of you—CONGRATULATIONS on your new bathroom!!! Does Penelope do work in Los Angeles?? (lol)

    • Lady of the Hills….no Penelope does work exclusive to our house….but thanks…it came out the way we wanted it too…thanks for stopping bye

  6. Rather lucky about the mold.
    That could have been a real problem.
    I like the statement
    ‘if shit breaks fix it right away.’
    Lol, but inherently i’ll do it later takes over.

    • Art

      Yeah you right we would have prolly gone into debt to get it fixed..mold is expensive to get removed. But thanks to some luck their was none. I can say for me, procrastination is like a cold it just sneaks up on you. But this project did teach me to not put things off…thanks for stopping bye

  7. that is a pretty awesome shower head… haha. i’m all about a luxurious shower… mine sucks!!!!

    thanks for the engagement wishes =)

    • Blunt

      Yeah love the shower head..its funky and high end at the same time. Hope things go well with the wedding planning stages and you have the wedding of your dreams…..thanks for stopping bye

  8. Pop

    Looks nice I like it Tell him “Well done”

  9. Lookin`good, Z!!

  10. Love the new bathroom! It looks great. It’s always nice getting stuff fixed in the home.:)

    • LL cool……yeah thanks…it was long overdue and your right it feels good to make a change like this…..thanks for stopping bye

  11. It’s beautiful!! My bathroom needs to be set on fire. That’s the only way I can improve it.

  12. I don’t know about life getting in the way – with me, ‘lethargy’ gets in the way of me tackling jobs that need doing around the house 😳

    And if I put off doing a job for long enough, eventually I stop even noticing that it needs doing 😆

    • Duncan

      Yeah, that sounds like Penelope and myself. I think we got to the point where we just said…lets just muscle through it and get it we are all motivated for the next project….i hope i dont regret it …….lethargy and procrastination are like my best friends lately….hahaha…thanks for stopping bye

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