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Duty, Dogs and Airplanes!!

I stand by the door!!

Well, I had the weekend duty today and its not so bad because I think I have the best duty section at FRC.  Today was not so bad cause it was a muster and go type thing, all I really had to was watch colors.  Not so bad in the warmer weather, totally sucks when it rains or its cold just ask the watchstanders.  But like I said they are the best, they dont complain they just do the job and do it right.  Then I get back to the ranch and really did not want to go anywhere else but Penelope was persistant about going to find out about the flight lessons she bought for me, so after me relenting about driving (I REALLY DID NOT WANT TO DRIVE) we got on our way to the local airfield.  I must say that is Penelope’s gift pushing me to do things that will benefit or make me happy, cause as soon as I saw the planes I was no longer tired and was happy as a clam.  Flight lessons are not really what i thought though, in that you sit in the seat from the start.  I was expecting classroom hours and admin stuff first, but no you zoom right into it.   So next week I will be skyward bound in a diamond DA-20 WOO HOO. 

Up..UP.and AWAY!!!


 Was thinking the other day about this time last year, hmm what a difference a year makes.  I am embarking on what i think and hope will be a really neat adventure as well as looking at making a life change here in the next year.   Oh yeah i mentioned about the dogs,  we stopped at Dominic’s hot dogs on the way home…you gotta love them dirty water dogs, those sumbitches make life worth living…


so outside of having to go to FRC tomorow to oversee PM colors been a great weekend so far..anytime you mix food and adventures good things are suppose to happen…just a quick adventure and food thought.

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Yeah upstanding citizens!!

Well, let me understand this cause maybe its me.  After 30 years (yeah 30) the citizens of Egypt have FINALLY  decided they dont want hosni mubarak being there president anymore.  Okay lets step back a minute.  October 6, 1981, Anwar Sadat (Egyptian President)  died at the hands of fundamentalists assassins during a military review celebrating the 1973 Suez crossing.  So then Mubarak steps in and has been in FIRM control until a few days ago.  Egypt always being a moderate muslim nation, happy about their control of the suez canal and trade with other muslim nations…Iraq, Syria, Iran, Turkey, Saudi Arabia just to name a few, now wants to change.  Now everyone understands that most of the muslim world are crazy about two things OIL and religion, and these two things go hand in hand.  So what happened, did some on on his staff run out of toilet paper and wipe their ass with a few pages from the holy book (yes the Koran), the janitor heard about and the whole nation went batshit.  Or could it be more sinister, Sadat was assassinated because the peace he created between egypt and israel with that rat bastard Carter (i can say that cause I am a Navyman, and so was Carter).  Maybe someone got word that the 82 yr old president was going to get the same sendoff that Sadat received.  (Mubarak “Hey get some folks together i need a vacation..CNN is downstairs they will know what to do”)  I think it could have went something like that. 

Don't worry..We will fix usual!!!

Not too mention Mubarak has the backing of its military, much like Sadat and that old bastard in Cuba.  You know the one, the one that that Jackass Kennedy could not get rid of.  I just think this whole thing is a setup, he heard the footsteps and decided that Curri tastes better then lead…I’m just sayin…just a quick why is the middle east so screwed up thought.

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My Evil Twin Bailey


The definition of  Serendipity is a propensity for making fortunate discoveries while looking for something unrelated.  Well yesterday while tooling around the ranch, the exact opposite happened.  Yeah in a minute your going to say why do you say that, but believe me you dont know the backstory.  I heard a knock at the door and low and behold it was my twin brother Bailey.  (see above)  Now most folks are happy to see brothers and sisters and would probably be overjoyed, but Bailey you see is like the devil wears prada on crack.  He is the only guy that I know, that lives and dies by fashion and swears that women’s clothes are future of mankind and if not well mankind be damned.  When we were kids I was playing with action figures and doing rough and tumble things, Bailey was dressing Barbie and going shopping for paint swatches with mom.  Bailey is an acquired taste, like drinking a dewars and water with no ice.  But he is my brother so that makes us linked for life…Just a quick Bailey loves green neon thought.

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