My Evil Twin Bailey


The definition of  Serendipity is a propensity for making fortunate discoveries while looking for something unrelated.  Well yesterday while tooling around the ranch, the exact opposite happened.  Yeah in a minute your going to say why do you say that, but believe me you dont know the backstory.  I heard a knock at the door and low and behold it was my twin brother Bailey.  (see above)  Now most folks are happy to see brothers and sisters and would probably be overjoyed, but Bailey you see is like the devil wears prada on crack.  He is the only guy that I know, that lives and dies by fashion and swears that women’s clothes are future of mankind and if not well mankind be damned.  When we were kids I was playing with action figures and doing rough and tumble things, Bailey was dressing Barbie and going shopping for paint swatches with mom.  Bailey is an acquired taste, like drinking a dewars and water with no ice.  But he is my brother so that makes us linked for life…Just a quick Bailey loves green neon thought.

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14 thoughts on “Bailey!!

  1. Seriously, you have a twin? Identical or fraternal? That’s crazy. He sounds like the complete opposite of you. Maybe we should call him AMan.

    • Sparkling…..Bailey and I are identical…but he is off the deep end sometimes. Maybe he will post his thoughts, but he is such a fashionista diva lolo..I wouldn’t hold my breath…..thanks for stopping bye

  2. highway

    well like posting funny stuff devil wears prada on crack anyways guess baileys kinda step bro to me im confused

    • Highway

      Yeah..Bailey is a funny dude, he is sitting right here and says Hey Highway. Yes Bailey is our step brother…thanks for stopping bye

  3. Pop

    Hmmmm Now me I have an alter ego, and everytime I have to be somewhere that I cannot be I send him.This way I can say I was there, even though I really wasn’t. But I was there Hmmmm

  4. Pop

    Sir, I think there are meds for stuff like that. Zman let me play on his computer, he go sleepies he has to work tomorow.

    Sincerely Bailey

  5. Family – it’s always a bit of that “can’t live with them, can’t live without them” going on. 🙂

    I always wondered what it would be like to have a twin…and having one as unique as Bailey has to have made your life extra interesting, Steve.

    • Talon

      Yeah thats so true about families. People thrown together by fate. Bailey keeps you on your toes and things around him interesting when he shows up. Thanks for stopping bye

  6. He sounds like fun to me. I like him already. 😀

  7. You ever have to look up a word in the dictionary after stumbling upon a word in a definition that you are unfamiliar with. I had to do that with, “propensity.” Hope I didn’t just out myself as a dumbass.

    Haha, for a twin this dude sounds like a polar opposite of you.

    • Rico

      No not at all…all I did was do a cut and paste on the word Serendippity. I am lucky I can spell the car on some days. Yeah Bailey is total opposite of me, he is the ying to my yang. lol…but Bailey is a character for sure…..thanks for stopping bye….

  8. How cool to have a twin brother, but be so different. Personally I think it’s great when anyone has an eye for fashion! 😀

  9. I think you’re pulling my leg and that’s really you in the fabulous neon green coat and Santa hat.

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