Yeah upstanding citizens!!

Well, let me understand this cause maybe its me.  After 30 years (yeah 30) the citizens of Egypt have FINALLY  decided they dont want hosni mubarak being there president anymore.  Okay lets step back a minute.  October 6, 1981, Anwar Sadat (Egyptian President)  died at the hands of fundamentalists assassins during a military review celebrating the 1973 Suez crossing.  So then Mubarak steps in and has been in FIRM control until a few days ago.  Egypt always being a moderate muslim nation, happy about their control of the suez canal and trade with other muslim nations…Iraq, Syria, Iran, Turkey, Saudi Arabia just to name a few, now wants to change.  Now everyone understands that most of the muslim world are crazy about two things OIL and religion, and these two things go hand in hand.  So what happened, did some on on his staff run out of toilet paper and wipe their ass with a few pages from the holy book (yes the Koran), the janitor heard about and the whole nation went batshit.  Or could it be more sinister, Sadat was assassinated because the peace he created between egypt and israel with that rat bastard Carter (i can say that cause I am a Navyman, and so was Carter).  Maybe someone got word that the 82 yr old president was going to get the same sendoff that Sadat received.  (Mubarak “Hey get some folks together i need a vacation..CNN is downstairs they will know what to do”)  I think it could have went something like that. 

Don't worry..We will fix usual!!!

Not too mention Mubarak has the backing of its military, much like Sadat and that old bastard in Cuba.  You know the one, the one that that Jackass Kennedy could not get rid of.  I just think this whole thing is a setup, he heard the footsteps and decided that Curri tastes better then lead…I’m just sayin…just a quick why is the middle east so screwed up thought.

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23 thoughts on “Egypt!!

  1. My opinion is that the starving Egyptians, which grew worse over the years, lost patience when they saw that Mubarek’s son would eventually take his place. Perhaps they thought nothing would change if his son came to power. Just an opinion, though.

  2. Lisa

    Hey..I dont totally disagree with that, but there are flash mobs all of sudden. Even AL-Jazeera said this popped up overnight. The whole situation just stinks like something is missing here. You dont lose patience over night…it happens over where were the protests last year or 5 years ago…..maybe his son had a plan for the old man so he put himself in the spotlight to protect himself…dont know…but hey thanks for stopping in dont be a stranger…zman

  3. To me it is a matter of: ENOUGH IS ENOUGH!!! The Eygptian people have had it after ALL these years…..Blame whoever you want, but I think ‘The People Have Spoken! Hooray for them!

    • Lady of the hills……It all seems do sudden, I question how the flash mob happened. But I agree with you hooray for the people…I hope they get what they need and want for their families and future..thanks for stopping bye

  4. Yes, it is strange that there was such a sudden and loud uprising. With these days of instant information, you would think if there had been rumblings they would have been heard and acknowledged long before.

    I guess the only thing to do is hope that all goes well…but it seems inconceivable that it will be a smooth transition or an easy one. I hope that it brings the right changes for the people who really need it…

    • Talon

      I agree i hope too that the Egyptian get what they need and want. Smooth transition in a middle eastern country…no i dont think such a pivotal part of the region….their will be upheaval there for a bit..would not be surprised if a terrorist attack happens their soon….thanks for stopping bye

  5. It confuses me.
    Egypt always seemed to be such a peaceful country.
    Maybe the people are getting bored.
    I still dont understand what they are fighting for

    • Looks like lisa already answered my question. lol

    • Art

      Not sure either. 30 yrs they were happy with their president then boom..maybe he took reruns of happy days and all in the family off the air..and replaced it with The housewives of Cairo or made the people eat their vegetables before dessert….dont know…..thanks for stopping bye

  6. highway

    well we need to stay out of that crap going on in egypt we have enough problems here on our own turf plus we need to concentrate on bringing our troops home back to U.S soil so i really donot think it is necessary to fool with a bunch of fools like mubarak or any of his people my final thought hey if it is not directly happening on u.s soil then the hell with it

    • Highway

      Yeah i couldnt agree with you more, US military is a tired bunch right now and this doesnt involve us. If they close off the Suez we will just go around the horn anyway…thanks for stopping take your ass back to work…

  7. Pop

    Ahmadinajerk has to be doing the dance. What are the odds that the Extremists will try to grab Egypt?

    • Pop….mmmmmmm don’t know. Egypt is a vital part of the region for trade. Big reason why their has been peace with Israel…..tough to say I think cause depends on who winds up in control.

  8. sunflowergrandma


  9. SunflowerGrandma

    Couldnt tell ya that..Dont know. Its a beautiful wish and thought, some folks just dont want to…thanks for stopping bye

  10. How I understand it is that Tunisia got the ball rolling. One guy set himself on fire there in protest of police brutality, which triggered an overall uprising, and they successfully ousted their leader. Egypt said to itself, Hey, if Tunisia can do it, so can we! And thus they started their own uprising.–2011_Tunisian_uprising

    • Sparkling Red

      Yeah didnt know that…but something always start somewhere..i hope the egyptian people find peace in their life…thanks for stopping bye

  11. I haven’t had a chance to really keep up with this situation. I only have 1 television channel at the moment, and when I was at my parents’ place to pick my daughter up, I caught a glimpse of the Egyption commotion and my initial reaction was to just roll my eyes, smirk and think, “haha, what’s next?” I hadn’t heard any details until I read it here……zman style. Some pretty crazy stuff.

    • Rico

      You see, i try to be informative as well..wait til Baseball seasons and i will post scores as well hehheheh..thanks for stopping bye

  12. Pop

    Well my Friends there may be reason to hope. Several of these Nations are Extremist backed and perhaps those people have decided that Bin laden, and Ahmmadinajerk are wrong. Perhaps common sense, and reason may yet prevail. I am glad to see that this country is taking a hands off MYOB attitude. Let them do what they have to do. Let them determine their own destiny As far as the Reporters that got kicked around. Speaking as a man who has been around Angry mobs (Birmingham Riots early 60s)
    The press will always run the risk of being assaulted. The press knows this going in. Angry mobs are nomally decent people gone bizerk

    • Pop

      Yeah, lots of craziness in some middle eastern countries over the last few days. Something is stirring in the hearts of the people, maybe they are tired of unrest and would like some stability. Dont think Bin Ladin or that iranian rat bastard are involved, just think it all stems from the lack of support from local government…thanks for stopping bye

  13. Hey, tell us how you feel! 🙂

    I avoid all things political and news worthy, but even this caught my eye. I agree with everything you said. He needed a retirement party and what’s better than mass chaos in the streets?

    I’m curious to see what happens next.

    • Cat

      Yeah me too, i am curious about the next step…i think democracy is highly unlikely in the region but its funny to see some dude swinging a dead animal in protest…and reporters trying to interview people that dont speak english…duh…..will keep you posted…..hahaha thanks for stopping bye

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