Duty, Dogs and Airplanes!!

I stand by the door!!

Well, I had the weekend duty today and its not so bad because I think I have the best duty section at FRC.  Today was not so bad cause it was a muster and go type thing, all I really had to was watch colors.  Not so bad in the warmer weather, totally sucks when it rains or its cold just ask the watchstanders.  But like I said they are the best, they dont complain they just do the job and do it right.  Then I get back to the ranch and really did not want to go anywhere else but Penelope was persistant about going to find out about the flight lessons she bought for me, so after me relenting about driving (I REALLY DID NOT WANT TO DRIVE) we got on our way to the local airfield.  I must say that is Penelope’s gift pushing me to do things that will benefit or make me happy, cause as soon as I saw the planes I was no longer tired and was happy as a clam.  Flight lessons are not really what i thought though, in that you sit in the seat from the start.  I was expecting classroom hours and admin stuff first, but no you zoom right into it.   So next week I will be skyward bound in a diamond DA-20 WOO HOO. 

Up..UP.and AWAY!!!


 Was thinking the other day about this time last year, hmm what a difference a year makes.  I am embarking on what i think and hope will be a really neat adventure as well as looking at making a life change here in the next year.   Oh yeah i mentioned about the dogs,  we stopped at Dominic’s hot dogs on the way home…you gotta love them dirty water dogs, those sumbitches make life worth living…


so outside of having to go to FRC tomorow to oversee PM colors been a great weekend so far..anytime you mix food and adventures good things are suppose to happen…just a quick adventure and food thought.

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30 thoughts on “Duty, Dogs and Airplanes!!

  1. Wow! Flying lessons and you start up in the air? That will be incredible, Steve! That’s such a neat gift! (You are braver than I – I would be terrified to be in one of those small planes)

    We have a hot dog cart here – outside one of our many Canadian Tire stores – that is the best. This guy has the best toppings and the best hot dogs in town bar none. You’re right – it’s the little things that truly enhance the big things in life.

  2. Talon

    I am a little nervous about flying, but i have always wanted to try it to see if i would like it. So next week we will find out…I just love hot dog stands, its my weakness..growing up in a city atmosphere where they were all over the place. Just cant help myself…thanks for stopping bye

  3. highway

    Good luck on the flying lessons you deserve all the happiness you can handle oh dirty water hot dogs now thats a good deal that a pretzel and a coke hell yeah

    • Highway

      Yeah thanks, its kind of something that I have always wanted to try, dont know if i am going to like it but well give a try. Your right though, a pretzel and a coke are right up there with dirty water dogs….pretzels gotta have some mustard though. But thanks for the good thoughts..hope things are great with you…thanks for stopping bye

  4. Pop

    Does Watching Colors happen around 4:30 in the afternoon? The Army calls it Retreat.Most soldiers duck in somewhere so they don’t have to salute when call to colors is sounded I remember the old days when we would be standing outside in the chow line, outside the mess hall. Call to colors would sound, and everyone would face toward the Post HQs and come to Parade rest.The the Cannon would fire and everyone must stop where ever they are and Salute This was my favorite time. I think the loneliest is two calls One is at 21:45 (9:45 PM) This is called Tattoo (Return to quarters) Then at 2200Sharp Taps Lights out, and bed check for the snuffies After I got to be an NCO I would sit outside particularly when I had CQ or BN duty I would listen for the calls Funny when you hear them your thoughts travel home, and you wonder what the folks at home are doing

    • Pop

      Evening colors happens witht the sunset and its a minute later everyday ….Tattoo is only underway after the evening prayer by the chaplain. Navy is not much different with younger Sailors trying to duck in the bldg fore colors goes down. I know what you mean about the hearing evening colors and thinking about folks at home. Thats the life though right??..thanks for stopping bye

  5. sunflowergrandma

    Ok you are right nothing like dirty water hot dogs,off of the truck. Pretzels nuggets with cheese are the best. Ok hope you will offer me a ride in the plane after you take Penelope. Enjoy think sun for me they are talking more snow this week.

    • Sunflower….if I like it and maybe get qualified….yeah I will take you for a ride….it takes time though and its pricey so could take a bit…thanks for stopping bye

  6. Flying….What a great thing to do, Zman…..Both my sister and brother have their Pilots License–or they did—I think you have to renew those things now and again….I used to go up with my brother–Piper Cubs—(That will tell you how long ago that was.(…It Was GREAT!!!! You have something wonderful to look forward to….

    Thanks for your kind and caring words about the loss of my friend Betty…I dearly appreciate what you said.

    • Lady of the hills

      I have always wanted to give it a try, dont know if i will like it…thanks for the encouragement. Your tribute to your friend was so touching i know that everyone should have a friend like you……i will keep you posted on how the lessons go……thanks for stopping bye

  7. Just Me

    Babe, you can take SunflowerGrandma first if you want. Its ok. 🙂 Luv u..

  8. I currently still stand untested with flight.
    I do get vertigo so i might not like flying but it sure is interesting to read how it is for other people

    • Art

      Today was first lesson..and it was great. The first time we left the ground i jumped from the turbulance but all was great from there…it was so relaxing….i found a new hobby…..thanks for stopping bye

  9. My grandfather was a professional pilot. He was always happiest up in the air, especially in one of those little single-engine jobs. Best of luck with those lessons!

    In Toronto we call those kinds of hot dogs Street Meat.

    • Sparkling Red

      Street Meat??..okay i will be a good boy here and let it go. But yeah dirty water dogs are great. I can see how your grandfather was happy flying, it was like a whole new world loved every minute of it..thanks for stopping bye

  10. Flying lessons!! Penelope is brilliant for pushing you to do things like that. You guys make a great team!

    You better post when you take your first flight, I can’t wait to hear about it…

    • Bschool

      Yeah she is great, she knows the things that will make me happy and pushes me the right direction as well as keeps me grounded so to speak. She is my angel and I am lucky to have found her….today was first lesson and it was beyond belief..so i told Penelope to scrap the motorcyle and can we figure out a way to continue with this….i cant tell you how great it was…thanks for stopping bye

  11. sunflowergrandma

    Thanki you Just Me But you deserve the first ride. You are his special princess and have always been there for him

  12. slickman


    • Slickman …….been a little while, hope everything is great on your side. Yeah I have scrapped plans, for a bike and going to see about becoming a private pilot. Love the idea about sky diving…..ain’t it funny how time flies….we have missed u here at the gazette…..don’t be a stranger…..thanks for stopping bye

  13. I think learning to fly would be a great experience. Have fun at it!

    • Cat….thanks…the first lesson was great and easier then expected…have to plan cause they are a little expensive…..thanks for stopping bye

  14. blissbait

    HEEEY! I’ve missed You! Thanks SO Much for the kindness You gifted me while I was away! AND WOWOWOWOW! Your room looks amazing. Seriously coolest blog around. Love it. AND YOU’RE LEARNING TO FLYYYYY????? SO incredible. wow. just…wow. And You said the word sumabitches. Gifted a great laugh, and again as I typed it. I love that word. Okay….off to finish catching up. Huge Hugs and Cheers and Namaste. 🙂

    • Bliss….The whole blogosphere..missed you. I hope you are good…and life is treating you well. The flying lessons are phenomenal…they help me on My journey back home ( figure of speech)……….but I look fwd to reading your stories….thanks for stopping bye

  15. The flying lessons sound like fun. I also imagined you’d spend hours in a classroom before you were allowed any where near the plane! Good luck!

    • LL Cool

      You know thats what I would have thought but no you get right up there. The plane is set up like a student driver car. It has 2 throttles so the instructor pilot always has control. Afterwards the instructor showed me some drawings on the board and explained some stuff about what to keep in the window and how. It was great, and really not that difficult, its all finesse with the stick…stay tuned cause saturday is lesson 2….thanks for stopping bye

  16. Hi Guy, this good blogs, thanks

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