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The Legend of Fefe Duran!

Ms Duran would like!!


Well,  as I came back to the ranch this afternoon, it came to mind that I have never told you about the Legend of Fefe Duran.  I mean cmon really where are my manners.  Any good story, begins with an introduction.  Today happens to be Ms. Durans’ birthday, and unless I want  vengeance to be brought upon myself I will not bother you with how old Ms. Duran is.  What makes Ms. Duran a  legend you ask, I have known her for a little bit and I can tell you she has a taste for the finer things in life.  Not born of wealth, she is from a little spot of Americana not much different from where anyone may have come from, I guess you could say very humble beginnings.  Have you ever known someone that just had to have the newest things,  Ms Duran insists upon it.  I applaud her pallete as she knows the foods that taste good and does not settle for second best with food, except for those god dang PB and J sandwiches.  I hate those things.  Ms Duran or Fefe to her friends, is my Penelope’s niece..her sisters daughter.  Along with wanting the finer things usually comes someone that others will call a sugardaddy, which she will vehemently deny she has, but like any legend cmon REALLY??.  So there was the really cool hot rod, the expensive hobbies, I tell you she is destined for greatness and will tell you its going to come out of someones pocket.  Yeah for sure a rich guy just looking to give his money away.  No No I play, she will find someone that will treat her like the Diva she wants to be.  Well, here is a Happy Birthday to Ms. Duran..just a quick birthday thought.

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Highway’s Thoughts on Education!

Pay them what you owe them!!

GUEST BLOGGER  –  HIGHWAYMAN   – From time to time he is going to pipe in with his thoughts.  He can also be found on Facebook at (Matt Mc) without further ado I present>>

Today I had begun to think of all the layoffs in our school system here in New York. And one thought came to mind, I am so sick and tired of hearing how it is the teachers fault, when in fact the fault lies with the school administrators and the taxpayers. Yes most taxpayers are guilty folks simply for the reason they feel well the high taxes keep out the undesirable element and riff raff. Now how true is that scenario?.   Myself I think that most folks are blind to the fact that the higher the school taxes the more folks leave the island.  I heard a saying a while back how Long Island is going to end up looking like Detroit,  burned out buildings, abandoned store fronts and a soaring crime rate.  Funny our county executives and our legislators do not think so, but how intelligent are these nitwits anyway?.  Funny all these school cuts I hear about don’t affect the kids? Well ladies and gentleman they do.  When we make budget cuts all programs are cut, so as I say I think it is time to stand up to these bullies and let our voices be heard for let us save our teachers jobs and our children’s rights to a good education and lastly a decent place to raise our youngsters in the years to come…Highway concludes..

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Executive Producer – Zman

Well, I dont know about you but I think  T.V. these days really sucks.  To me the only good things to watch are Sports and any show on after 8 on FX.  When a good show comes on, it gets canceled cause people have lives and dont watch it.  A few suggestions for those producers who Charlie Sheen said “DONT KNOW WHAT THE HELL THEY ARE DOING”.  I like reality tv but it needs a boost in action.

38 Days in, you know you would!!!


SURVIVOR  – Should be all hidden cameras this way if someone gets bit by a snake or mauled by a tiger or two of the contestants get down with it BOOM its on camera..Can you imagine some of those women getting caught doing the dirty after 35 days of no showering…probably move show to FX that would help. 

You need to let this crazy bastard off the leash!!

Hells Kitchen–  Keep the cameras, but we need a physical altercation between Gordon and a customer.  Can you imagine Gordon just starts beating the dogshit out of a customer that complained about his risotto being undercooked, a little rugby flashback.  

Nothing beats fighting!!


UFC Grudge Match LIVE   – This is my favorite choice, and probably an FX show.  Anybody can challenge anyone to a UFC type cage match, nothing better then 2 psychos in a cage just monkey stomping each other.  Here is the best part.  You challenge someone to fight and if they dont show up, the cameras go to their home or place of work and BOOM an ass kicking takes place right there LIVE!!!…Can you imagine we could have catfights or full on donneybrooks breaking out on the assemmbly line at Ford in the middle of the day…NOW THAT TV…yeah all fights no holds barred until someone taps out….

Stewie is the pinnacle!!

Cartoons     –  This goes without saying..who doesnt like a good cartoon.  Except all cartoons have to be like Family Guy nuff said.

I just think tv has gotten too soft, get rid of all this game show shit, who gives a rats ass about some dude trying to blow down a house of cards in a minute…one word STUPID.   You want interesting how about this.

ooohh Guess what!!

Fortune Teller Finale – This will be PUNK’D meets Ghost Hunters.  You get a contestant that does a live reading and the teller tells them they are going to die or get some illness or some crap like that…then you follow that person around for a month until you tell them in front of their family that they have been PUNK’D …LOL….thats a great idea…just admit it…everyone will say thats fucked up but laugh that it didnt happen to them…..well those are my ideas for spicing up TV…just a quick I NEED TO BE ENTERTAINED thought.

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