Character built by Characters!!

Well, my fleet reserve in submitted and tap class is scheduled.  Penelope and I kind of have a working plan on where we want to move and were we want our life together to go.  So this week I got to thinking about some of the characters I have encountered in my journey on this job. 

Craziness but Hawaii was great!!


It started in 92, my first stop was Hawaii.  I have great memories of the characters i met there.  There were a whole bunch probably one of the funniest guys i ever met and still talk to today..big tall country boy from michigan named Rodney.  You know the type the cornfed and country bred.  He was a player in my getting in trouble and out of trouble at the same time, taught me humility. 

Yeah that Ice..and Yeah thats the South Pole!!

Onto Deepfreeze, met my Penelope there, but still came across folks i can only say “GET SOME” about this crowd.  The chief that boinked the admin girl and everyone knew.  Spent a whole deployment chasing my future wife with Mick the Chief egging me on and listening to that damn tape the whole deployment.  Course cant forget Hard Chargin Joe, whose spirit was and is always there even if his physical being didnt cooperate. 

A Chapter I would like to forget!!

Got caught up in the Recruiting fiasco, and i dont really have anything good to say about other then meeting Big Irish and the crew..but i gotta say that tour was a waste. 

Lots of interesting places, Lots on interesting people!!

You want to talk about characters LHD5 probably had the most.  Yeah they all know who they are, i learned the most there.  About paranoia, courage, bravery, stupidity and who I DID NOT want to be.  Yeah, you right i am very happy to be away from some of those folks.  If your not on my FB account and we stationed on LHD5 there is a reason.  YOUR  A MORON thats why. 

Great crew in tough times!!


The cal lab, I never knew what hardship was until i dealt with some of these folks.  Everyday was a new adventure,  yeah JM is great guy but do you have to make shit stressful.  Thank god for the MARCC crew, they restored my sanity in a time when i need a shoulder and a laugh. 

Story not over yet!!


FRC..this little story is still being written,  but there is alot to say for people that you dont know who are the first ones to visit in your darkest hour.  This crew is all about “I’m JUST SAYIN”  and what is GOING TO HAPPEN NEXT…I have learned alot about who I am and who i  want to be by the characters i have encountered.  Good or bad i hope everyone has the kind of opportunities i have had…Just a quick character thought…

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24 thoughts on “Character built by Characters!!

  1. Pop

    The places we’ve been, the people we’ve met, the things we’ve done That’s what made it all so damn good.I wouldn’t want to repeat it, and I don’t think you would either. But let’s face it, It was one hell of a ride wasn’t it? hoooaahh and Amen

    • Pop

      No pal, u got me wrong on that, I would do it all over again maybe a little differently but the ride was great the first time. Antarctic, Thailand, Japan, Australia, New Zealand, Bahrain, Saudi Arabia, Turkey, Vancouver, Hawaii, Alaska..and thats a few not too mention the adventures i had at these places…It was a great while it lasted. All good things end, just have to be ready to get off the ride when they do…thanks for stopping bye

  2. highway

    dude this story is funny as hell i like that if your not on my f/b acccount your a moron that is some funny stuff hey on the flip side zeus gazette this year gets nominated for the pulitzer prize you definately deserve it any ways you always made me laugh and smile and for that you have my utmost respect love ya bro

    • Highway

      Well, we here at the Gazette aim to please. Just trying to share the stories of my life as they are. Dont know about a Pulitzer that would be great, i would be in great company but thanks for the nod….Always a pleasure…thanks for stopping bye

  3. Pop

    I guess what I’m trying to say is You have to have been there to know what we know.
    I’ll always miss it, and it will always be part of me I know the same is true for you
    Like I said One Hell of a Ride

  4. Re-visiting places you have been in the past can be so wonderful—a reminder of all the good and all the bad, too. Lessons Learned and some wishes fulfilled…! And you and your dear wife are still creating your lives together. What could be better? NOTHING!

    • Lady of the Hills

      You are totally right about looking back at the adventures you have had is always fun. I can fill a whole day with stories of here and there. Where i grew up in this job and so on. I am so lucky to be able to see life through Penelopes eyes and visa versa….the only thing that could be better is no cold weather ever again..thanks for stopping bye

  5. Can’t wait for the next installment of the story!! 😀

    • Heather Jo…….thanks for tuning in……I hope the next installment will be as fun as the first part….thanks for stopping bye

  6. Just Me

    We still got a ton of memories to make. You ready? I’m ready…

  7. How neat to really take stock of your life and the journey you’ve taken and how you’ve arrived at where you are today and who you are. I like that – that you met people who taught you things about who you don’t want to be. Sometimes we forget the lessons we learned from those we would never emulate. Seems like you learned a lot and saw a lot, Steve. And now a new chapter is about to begin – that’s exciting!

    • Talon

      I think the past 3 yrs or so, have taught me about myself and places and people that i have met. I believe that you learn even from folks you dont want to emulate…..i am excited about the path in front of penelope and i and cant wait to get steady on it….thanks for stopping bye….

  8. Sounds very much like the catering industry.
    Most a complete morons. But then you get the odd character

    • Art must not be fun at times then, because here where I am you come across your share of morons..hehhe..I try not to be the odd character….thanks for stopping bye

  9. You met your wife in Antarctica?! There aren’t a lof of people who could say that, methinks. The average person goes to a speed dating convention to meet people. You went to the South Pole. Craziness!

    • Or were you just kidding and it’s Alaska or somewhere even closer to home?

    • Sparkling

      No kidding here. My wife and I were in Navy squadron that deployed to the South Pole. (VXE-6)…we were in the command at the same time and bamm i fell for here…..never did speed dating thankfully..have some friends that have tried it and did not talk good about it….life is tough enough now add the 10 minute date. Thanks for stopping bye

  10. Just Me

    Sparkling Red,

    Yes we met in Antarctica. I know, its crazy, but true. Fate has a funny way of putting people togther.. 😉 I’m glad it chose him for me..

  11. Every one of my best friends from high school all enlisted into Air Force/Navy/Army/Marines and I went on to wrestle in college. My best friend was supposed to be my roomate/practice partner in college, but enlisted 2 weeks before school started. I sometimes wonder if I would have made it through had he not enlisted. If you go to youtube and search “bleacher bum makes a run for it” or “fan runs on field during cubs game” then you will catch a glimpse of him….. he’s a crazy dude. He tried wrestling the first security guard before he got trampled by the second.

    Anyways, this post kind of reminded me of some of the conversations my friends have when everyone is back. Cool post!

    • Rico

      Its funny the things we remember and shoot the breeze about when the fellas are sitting around. You would have made a great Sailor, done the Navy proud. I will have to check out the you tube vid, your friend sounds like a cool dude as well…..Thanks for stopping bye

  12. It sounds as if you’ve met some wonderful people in your life. Good people make everything worthwhile.

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