Executive Producer – Zman

Well, I dont know about you but I think  T.V. these days really sucks.  To me the only good things to watch are Sports and any show on after 8 on FX.  When a good show comes on, it gets canceled cause people have lives and dont watch it.  A few suggestions for those producers who Charlie Sheen said “DONT KNOW WHAT THE HELL THEY ARE DOING”.  I like reality tv but it needs a boost in action.

38 Days in, you know you would!!!


SURVIVOR  – Should be all hidden cameras this way if someone gets bit by a snake or mauled by a tiger or two of the contestants get down with it BOOM its on camera..Can you imagine some of those women getting caught doing the dirty after 35 days of no showering…probably move show to FX that would help. 

You need to let this crazy bastard off the leash!!

Hells Kitchen–  Keep the cameras, but we need a physical altercation between Gordon and a customer.  Can you imagine Gordon just starts beating the dogshit out of a customer that complained about his risotto being undercooked, a little rugby flashback.  

Nothing beats fighting!!


UFC Grudge Match LIVE   – This is my favorite choice, and probably an FX show.  Anybody can challenge anyone to a UFC type cage match, nothing better then 2 psychos in a cage just monkey stomping each other.  Here is the best part.  You challenge someone to fight and if they dont show up, the cameras go to their home or place of work and BOOM an ass kicking takes place right there LIVE!!!…Can you imagine we could have catfights or full on donneybrooks breaking out on the assemmbly line at Ford in the middle of the day…NOW THAT TV…yeah all fights no holds barred until someone taps out….

Stewie is the pinnacle!!

Cartoons     –  This goes without saying..who doesnt like a good cartoon.  Except all cartoons have to be like Family Guy nuff said.

I just think tv has gotten too soft, get rid of all this game show shit, who gives a rats ass about some dude trying to blow down a house of cards in a minute…one word STUPID.   You want interesting how about this.

ooohh Guess what!!

Fortune Teller Finale – This will be PUNK’D meets Ghost Hunters.  You get a contestant that does a live reading and the teller tells them they are going to die or get some illness or some crap like that…then you follow that person around for a month until you tell them in front of their family that they have been PUNK’D …LOL….thats a great idea…just admit it…everyone will say thats fucked up but laugh that it didnt happen to them…..well those are my ideas for spicing up TV…just a quick I NEED TO BE ENTERTAINED thought.

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17 thoughts on “Executive Producer – Zman

  1. It’s funny you say that about FX because I don’t watch much tv at all and when I do I usually say “It’s whatever is on Tuesday at 9pm on FX” because for the longest time all the good shows rotated on Tuesdays on FX. Rescue Me, Sons of Anarchy, Justified (which moved to Wednesdays now and messed me all up). I liked Terriers, but it didn’t make it past the first season. I like all the people in Lights Out, but I don’t love it yet. Ah well.

    That’s why I read and tinker on the computer so much. LoL

  2. Heather

    Yeah, you right FX is always the leader in good tv. Love all the shows on that network, they started a good thing when they had THE SHIELD on. I am a computer tinker as well, which is why we both have great blogs..lol….

    p.s this will be the final season of rescue me..wonder whats gonna happen!!

  3. So true about the wasteland that is television. I don’t know if it’s the cheap production costs or what, but reality tv is out of control. And the sad thing is, all these people think they are stars!

    I like your ideas. I can just see Gordon Ramsey slicing someone up…and screaming, “Bullocks! You’re a bloody idiot!”

  4. highway

    there are only a few programs i ike to watch i like swamp loggers and ax men ice road truckers was cool survivor and some of those other reality shows they are nuts

  5. I can totally see chef Ramsey mixing it up with some of the dopes he confronts. That would sure kick it up a notch!

    • Sparkling Red

      Oh yeah me too, He snapped at a customer a few seasons ago..gordon told the customer to ram the seasoning up his ass….course it sounds better in british …..he at least needs more verbal stuff between him and the customers…..can you imagine him and a customer just pounding the shit out of each other..now thats great tv….thanks for stopping bye

  6. Lights Out won’t be back for a second season. Guess I wasn’t the only one who didn’t “love it”. Too bad, liked all the actors in the cast.

    • Heather

      Was never a huge fan of Lights out….great cast but the George Foreman /Rocky thing is only good for so long..plus dont think it had the grittiness of the gray area character….hopefully another good show is on its way…thanks for stopping bye

  7. HA! I love it, Z! My friends and I used to talk about doing a show where you arrest a guy and throw him in solitary confinement. Then ten years later you show up and point to the security camera in the corner, then tell him he’s on Candid Camera.

    • Bschool

      I knew you would…I know you have that spunky flare towards tv…love your idea….cept if the person is innocent ooops sorry about that…..but great idea…..thanks for stopping bye

  8. Your suggestions would make me watch all of these shows.

    • Greatsby

      Well, If i can change one person’s tv habits and make them as bored as I am then my job is done LOL…thanks for stopping bye

  9. UK tv sucks at the moment too, but I never watch anyway so it doesn’t bother me!

    Gordon is a nutcase. 😀

  10. I’d watch more TV if you were a producer!

    Somedays I think the restaurant needs its own reality show…a cross between Hell’s Kitchen & UFC Grudge Match Live. I know of some customers who need to be told and I know a server and a cashier who need to beat the crap out of each other and get it over with.

    • Cat

      Maybe I need to bring the cameras out west and start stirring things up. Lets face it, with what is on now, we cant get any worse right. Besides some of your customers really need a good old fashioned ass whippin. Could call it when Waitresses attack!!..hmm its got a ring to it…thanks for stopping bye

  11. Jorge arada

    Do you really wnat knew tv game show´s project? If it´s yes contact me , I´m author of several kind of tham and all are for enetrtain and educate.

    • Jorge

      No thanks, i definetely do not want a new game show. We need more Sons of Anarchy type shows. But hey thanks for stopping bye…

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