Highway’s Thoughts on Education!

Pay them what you owe them!!

GUEST BLOGGER  –  HIGHWAYMAN   – From time to time he is going to pipe in with his thoughts.  He can also be found on Facebook at (Matt Mc)..so without further ado I present>>

Today I had begun to think of all the layoffs in our school system here in New York. And one thought came to mind, I am so sick and tired of hearing how it is the teachers fault, when in fact the fault lies with the school administrators and the taxpayers. Yes most taxpayers are guilty folks simply for the reason they feel well the high taxes keep out the undesirable element and riff raff. Now how true is that scenario?.   Myself I think that most folks are blind to the fact that the higher the school taxes the more folks leave the island.  I heard a saying a while back how Long Island is going to end up looking like Detroit,  burned out buildings, abandoned store fronts and a soaring crime rate.  Funny our county executives and our legislators do not think so, but how intelligent are these nitwits anyway?.  Funny all these school cuts I hear about don’t affect the kids? Well ladies and gentleman they do.  When we make budget cuts all programs are cut, so as I say I think it is time to stand up to these bullies and let our voices be heard for let us save our teachers jobs and our children’s rights to a good education and lastly a decent place to raise our youngsters in the years to come…Highway concludes..

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