The Legend of Fefe Duran!

Ms Duran would like!!


Well,  as I came back to the ranch this afternoon, it came to mind that I have never told you about the Legend of Fefe Duran.  I mean cmon really where are my manners.  Any good story, begins with an introduction.  Today happens to be Ms. Durans’ birthday, and unless I want  vengeance to be brought upon myself I will not bother you with how old Ms. Duran is.  What makes Ms. Duran a  legend you ask, I have known her for a little bit and I can tell you she has a taste for the finer things in life.  Not born of wealth, she is from a little spot of Americana not much different from where anyone may have come from, I guess you could say very humble beginnings.  Have you ever known someone that just had to have the newest things,  Ms Duran insists upon it.  I applaud her pallete as she knows the foods that taste good and does not settle for second best with food, except for those god dang PB and J sandwiches.  I hate those things.  Ms Duran or Fefe to her friends, is my Penelope’s niece..her sisters daughter.  Along with wanting the finer things usually comes someone that others will call a sugardaddy, which she will vehemently deny she has, but like any legend cmon REALLY??.  So there was the really cool hot rod, the expensive hobbies, I tell you she is destined for greatness and will tell you its going to come out of someones pocket.  Yeah for sure a rich guy just looking to give his money away.  No No I play, she will find someone that will treat her like the Diva she wants to be.  Well, here is a Happy Birthday to Ms. Duran..just a quick birthday thought.

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11 thoughts on “The Legend of Fefe Duran!

  1. highway


  2. Highway

    Will pass that on, thanks for stopping bye

  3. Just Me

    Happy Birthday Fefe Girl!!

  4. Happy Birthday to a Diva-in-the-Making! 🙂

  5. “Have you ever known someone that just had to have the newest things”

    Sadly, yes, my kids – Ggrrrrr !!!

    Thankfully, they’ve grown up now and fled the nest (and earning 2-3 times what I make a year) else they would have had me camping out overnight to nab them an iPad2 when it launched in UK stores a few days ago

    P.S. nothing wrong with Fefe setting her sights high. I’ve been waiting all my life to meet a rich woman looking for a ‘toy-boy’ to spoil.

    It’s not happened yet, but I haven’t given up hope – though any woman older than me now is likely to be incontinent and lacking her own teeth 😦

  6. sunflowergrandma

    HappyBirthday Ms Fefe.

  7. LOL too funny. You make me sound like a spoiled brat! 😀

    • Ms Duran

      We here at the gazette were merely talking about the legend that is Fefe Duran. We in no way, mean to demean or oversimplify your persona. But much like our sister blog TMZ we tell the truth..thank you for stopping bye. v/r Zman sends

  8. Pop

    Anyone who likes Peanut Butter and Jelly has to be a good person. Happy Birthday
    Ms. FeFe

  9. Pop

    Tell Ms Fefe I had peanut butter, and jelly on toast today. MMMMM gooood

    • Pop…..I freakin hate PBJ. I ought to ban you cause you like it……..thanks for stopping bye

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