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FRC Chronicles Pt IV – QA Pass!!

Pass is out working or Pretending to do so!!!!


Well,  like everyone else I have to work at least for now.  And I have chronicled in the past about where I work as well.  I have been in the Navy going on ohhh 18 1/2 years and I gotta tell ya,  I have one of the hardest working guys I have known working for me now.  He has one of those last names that Stephen Hawking could not spell right, and Shakespeare probably couldnt pronounce properly.  He goes by the nickname of Pass, which I think is right up there with calling someone Big Guy or hey what up Boss.  Pass and I argue almost everyday about everything under the sun, but in the end he gets the job done right and he knows 99%  of the time I am right about everything.   Now you might be wondering what does QA have to do with it, QA is where Pass works (thought I would throw that in their).  But, anyway as my time in the Navy dwindles down its nice working with someone that makes my life easier and knows the golden rule  KEEP  AZ1  out of trouble…..just a quick  Passing thought…

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The Licious Sisters!!



Well,  I am sitting here listening to Bob Marley and watching the Yankee game and the Licious sisters come to mind.  Now how that happens is beyond me.  After all, I have given up the booze, I dont smoke the  marijuana and I am no longer on any mind altering narcotics.  Now mind you now I have never met the Licious sisters and only text via Facebook one of them.  She happens to be my very cool aunt.  Who I think is Rosalicious but I not sure.  My aunt is cooler then cool in that she lives out west in a really cool place and she is up on the times you could call her hip.  So she seems to be part of cool flip chapeau icy and very hip bunch of cats called the Licious sisters. I have seen pics of one or maybe two, and yeah they got the beat and rythmn down.  I would like to meet these ultracool yeah dig it I am cool sisters, but only time will tell if our paths are going to cross…Wellst..time to flip the CD gotta go…on behalf of the Licious stay cool you dig…just a quick THE LICIOUS SISTERS rock thought

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Jeans That Fit!!

Will I look at cool as Brett!!!

Well, Here I am pushing 40 and I find myself wanting to find a comfortable pair of jeans but also ones that have a good booty pop.  Am I wrong for thinking this?, seems like that should be a low priority for someone my age.  But there I am trying on different jeans, looking for the ones that show some ass and make me look like I am trying to hold on to my younger days just a little while longer.  My whole life it was just clothes that I thought were comfortable, not really caring about right fit.  Now its clothes that make my booty look good and fitter tighter then when i was in my 20’s.  Yeah, i still wear the tshirts with the long sleeves and I still have the need to wear the expensive sneakers and the cool leather jacket.  What’s next i start clubbing and and start drinking the expensive stuff again…maybe I dont know 40 is suppose to feel like, and hell maybe 40 is just about jeans that fit right and show some ass….just a quick YOU LIKE thought.

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