Jeans That Fit!!

Will I look at cool as Brett!!!

Well, Here I am pushing 40 and I find myself wanting to find a comfortable pair of jeans but also ones that have a good booty pop.  Am I wrong for thinking this?, seems like that should be a low priority for someone my age.  But there I am trying on different jeans, looking for the ones that show some ass and make me look like I am trying to hold on to my younger days just a little while longer.  My whole life it was just clothes that I thought were comfortable, not really caring about right fit.  Now its clothes that make my booty look good and fitter tighter then when i was in my 20’s.  Yeah, i still wear the tshirts with the long sleeves and I still have the need to wear the expensive sneakers and the cool leather jacket.  What’s next i start clubbing and and start drinking the expensive stuff again…maybe I dont know 40 is suppose to feel like, and hell maybe 40 is just about jeans that fit right and show some ass….just a quick YOU LIKE thought.

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31 thoughts on “Jeans That Fit!!

  1. Well, I’m over 40, just a little. I don’t know what it’s supposed to feel like, either. I don’t really feel much different. Who knows? Life is short, have fun with it when you can.

  2. Jeff

    Thanks for the support. I have not fully went crazy though. Theres no motorcycle and I have not stocked up on the Johnnie walker or started calling old girlfriends. (dont think penelope would like that)..Just taking it as it comes…zman sends

  3. Just Me

    You are right. Penelope would NOT like that. 😉

    • Just Me

      Yeah you right….i am sure there would be consequences and reprecussions…thanks for stopping bye

  4. Well…..from where I sit with my really hippy spread—40 is about everything beginning….Life really does begin at 40, my dear Zman…..So I say, wear whatever you damn please—YOU have to please yourself first! And everything will follow after that.

    • Lady of the Hills

      I will i promise. I feel as good right now as I did in my younger days..wish i still had the hair though…but hey thats life right…thanks for stopping bye

  5. 40 is the new 25! I’m pushing 40 myself, and I’m absolutely still wearing tight jeans. Why not look good while we can? There’s plenty of time left to be an old prune someday. 😉

    • Sparkling Red

      I was beginning to think i was in this by myself. HAHAH…So yeah I am going to live and enjoy the booty jeans…thanks for stopping bye..

  6. It surprised me that ego never really diminishes. I always thought, “Who cares what I look like when I’m 40?” But now I do. I suspect it’ll be the same at 70… if I’m so lucky.

    It does seem to make aging that much sadder though.

    • Scott

      Ego and Vanity that seem to make a good match. I thought the same thing about turning 40, but after beating cancer and how things are with me now, I think my midlife vanity is showing itself. So hell i might as well enjoy it. Penelope told me i would look good with a bald head and a who know maybe i get better looking with age…see i mixed in ego with vanity….hahahah ..thanks for stopping bye

  7. About your comment in my blog..

    Yes, I think I need a trip to the US too. Maybe someday I would stay for good when I get there. Haha ambitious girl. I like your blog design, by the way!

    I think it’s fine that you’re conscious about how you look and what you want to look. It shouldn’t stop once you hit that old age thing. Maybe you also miss the time when you used to wear expensive shoes getting your swag on and going clubbing. Haha!

    • Half Crazy

      WHOA i didnt say anything about being old. That sounds like a young person perspective. I think maybe your right though i need to my swag back…..and yes you need to take a trip and have an American Adventure…..its good to see you back with your blogging family…welcome back..hope to hear from you more often…thanks for stopping bye

  8. I bought my motorcycle when I was in my 30s. 😉

    And my jeans have always fit.

    I’m 41!

    • Heather Jo……I love your profile pic. You have that mischievous look…like you have a secret…..yeah I think I just need to get over the fact that I am turning 40…..don’t have a bike but I am taking flying lessons… I guess it balances out…….thanks for stopping bye

  9. Feeling good never goes out of style and looking good is a big part of it. I’m 51 and I still care how my jeans fit 🙂

    • Talon

      I pictured you a young Sandra Bullock….but yeah your right, the better I feel the more i excercise..feeling good becomes addictive to me..just waiting for the first rave of the year lolol…and hey my booty looks good….lol maybe i can be cool like brett favre…..thanks for stopping bye

  10. bahahahaha. booty pop.

    love it. love u.

    go for my heart screening next week… i hope you’re right!!!!

    • Blunt

      I dont usually laugh at my own comments i think there dorky most of the times…..but I gotta tell ya i think booty pop is funny…it comes from a commercial …you can buy a pad that makes your booty look bigger and its called booty pop……..I will say a little prayer for you…but I know the test will go fine for you…because you have the spirit of lion and the heart to follow…..good luck and be well….thanks for stopping bye

  11. slickman


  12. slickman

    Hey dude 40 is good its not 25 but you can still have atight ass. Dress the part play the part be the part. In order to be the man you have to dress like man. Dont foget that hair is over rated When I was younger i allways wanted to sleep with a 40 year old. now that she is 42 I am living my dream and loving it. good night and kept it tight.

    • Slickman

      LOL….Great commentary…yeah my profile pic is my drivers license photo…me I am just trying to bring sexy back…trying to keep the ass and abs tight. Yeah I am kind of moving past having hair, it sucked getting over it..but thats the way it goes…great to see you are living the dream..happy to hear that…life moves pretty fast gotta enjoy it when you can……thanks for stopping bye….and as always keepin it real…

  13. Lol, i fully intend to be in perfect physical shape when i am 40 and wearing cool clothes still.
    For further evidence that it is possible, just take a look at slash and fergie performing together

    • Art

      Thats a great point about slash and Fergie, I think had the last 3 yrs not been a pain in the ass healthwise I would be in fantastic shape right now. But life is what happens to you when you are planning for it. I wish you great health and perfect fitting Thanks for stopping bye..

  14. I age weirdly. I looked like I was 15 until I turned 25, when overnight, I looked like I was 35. I looked like I was 35 until Sunday. Overnight I started looking like I am 55.

    • Ahmnodt

      Wow, dont know if thats good or bad. Sounds like I might want an invitation to your 200th birthday party. But Hey i belive we get wiser and better overall with age. Maybe you have found the fountain of age…just take out a little sugar and wham the fountain of youth…lol….thanks for stopping bye

  15. I think Mr. Donald Mills may have some advice as to why you are feeling the way you have been with the whole jeans situation (if he remembers what its like to be 40 years old.)

    Maybe you have a subconscious desire to get into this stanky leg dance craze. A cool looking pair of pants is a definite requirement to successfully perform that dance….. I tried it yesterday in my underwear and looked ridiculous….and then in my jeans and looked not as ridiculous. The more I think about it, ridiculousness is inevitable when it comes to the stanky leg dance because that is one stupid song/video. Just when we thought this bling bling/hip hop phase was over, shit takes another dump.

    • Rico

      Mr Mills has lots of opinions on lots of things, and yeah I believe he has a god damn opinion about the aging the old geezer that he is. Never heard of the stanky leg dance, is it anything like the Texas Two step or the Foxtrot. I hope and pray everyday that this Hip Hop phase goes away, not saying bring back the waltz but do we really need a song called F you by Ce Ce Lo….maybe the leg dance is better in comparison the other stuff out these days…please close your windows when doing so…i am sure the guys on cell block c would like that dance and we dont need you going there….thanks for stopping bye

  16. I’m all about comfort and style be damned. I don’t want any binding, pulling or yanking and I don’t want my crack visible in any position. Oh…and cheap. Comfortable and cheap, that’s me.

    • Cat

      Oh these jeans are comfortable and I got them on sale for 19.99 when the tag said 40. So they are in essence cheap and comfy. …Thanks for stopping bye

  17. Ha ha, look and feel good for as long as you want! That’s my motto.

    I met a woman recently, who turned 50, and she really looks fantastic and she said “I don’t know how to act 50” and I grinned. Age really is just a number, if you’ve still got it, and even if you haven’t, flaunt it!

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