The Licious Sisters!!



Well,  I am sitting here listening to Bob Marley and watching the Yankee game and the Licious sisters come to mind.  Now how that happens is beyond me.  After all, I have given up the booze, I dont smoke the  marijuana and I am no longer on any mind altering narcotics.  Now mind you now I have never met the Licious sisters and only text via Facebook one of them.  She happens to be my very cool aunt.  Who I think is Rosalicious but I not sure.  My aunt is cooler then cool in that she lives out west in a really cool place and she is up on the times you could call her hip.  So she seems to be part of cool flip chapeau icy and very hip bunch of cats called the Licious sisters. I have seen pics of one or maybe two, and yeah they got the beat and rythmn down.  I would like to meet these ultracool yeah dig it I am cool sisters, but only time will tell if our paths are going to cross…Wellst..time to flip the CD gotta go…on behalf of the Licious stay cool you dig…just a quick THE LICIOUS SISTERS rock thought

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12 thoughts on “The Licious Sisters!!

  1. Rosalicious

    Gossip Nurse Here: Rosalicious was surprised and honored to find out that SJ Macalicious dedicated his blog to the Licious Sisters. For those who don’t know what a Licious Sister is–don’t worry. The Licious Sisters don’t know themselves. However, they are overjoyed to be finally getting some recognition especially from such a cool guy. Thanks SJ!

    • Gossip Nurse

      There time in now, there groove is here they are bunch a cool chicks for guys to fear. Gazette is in much awe…..thanks for stopping bye and keep grooving it..

  2. highway

    cool I like the new lay out of the page lisciuos sisters, i hear you i kinda dig them to. I think they some cool peeps myself, so raise your glasses here is to the liscious sisters

    • Highway

      Yeah thanks for the compliment, I wanted to post some pics of me chillin like a villain….lots of themes out there I like but WP charges for them…very uncool…but hey thats the way life goes sometimes…thanks for stopping bye

  3. Coolsville looks like a really cool place to be. Thanks for stopping by the blog the other day,

    • Bill

      Coolsville i hear is the place to get go get your groove going again, least thats what I hear..never been….Love your blog…big fan…thanks for stopping bye

  4. Haven’t heard of the Licious Sisters, but love the whole vibe they’re sharing. 🙂

    • Talon

      Yeah the Licious sisters are cool like your art and photography..and there vibe is to cool even for coolsville….thanks for stopping bye and keep grooving

  5. Just Me

    The sisters ROCK, no doubt about that…

  6. Rosalicious

    Thanks for all the Licious Attention everyone. Licious Sisters appreciate it. Also, there’s a rumor out there that the Licious
    Sisters are a roller derby team of cross-dressing, body builders–that’s not true. Don’t believe it! Roller derby, cross -dressing and body building all rock, but the Licious
    Sisters can’t skate!

  7. Cool new layout dude!

    • Rico….thanks ….needed a change…plus wanted to post a pic……thanks for stopping bye

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