FRC Chronicles Pt IV – QA Pass!!

Pass is out working or Pretending to do so!!!!


Well,  like everyone else I have to work at least for now.  And I have chronicled in the past about where I work as well.  I have been in the Navy going on ohhh 18 1/2 years and I gotta tell ya,  I have one of the hardest working guys I have known working for me now.  He has one of those last names that Stephen Hawking could not spell right, and Shakespeare probably couldnt pronounce properly.  He goes by the nickname of Pass, which I think is right up there with calling someone Big Guy or hey what up Boss.  Pass and I argue almost everyday about everything under the sun, but in the end he gets the job done right and he knows 99%  of the time I am right about everything.   Now you might be wondering what does QA have to do with it, QA is where Pass works (thought I would throw that in their).  But, anyway as my time in the Navy dwindles down its nice working with someone that makes my life easier and knows the golden rule  KEEP  AZ1  out of trouble…..just a quick  Passing thought…

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16 thoughts on “FRC Chronicles Pt IV – QA Pass!!

  1. There are not enough Pass type people in the working world, I believe.

    I did smile reading, “…he knows 99% of the time I am right about everything.” 🙂

    • Talon

      I agree the world needs more Passes’ in the world…annoying as it may be…lol…thanks for stopping bye

  2. It’s great to have someone working for you who gets the job done. No matter if I’ve had five people under me or twenty, there’s always only one or two who get most of the work done and understand their job is to make my job easier. The others don’t understand if they come back and ask me about every step, I might as well just do the job myself.

    • “The others don’t understand if . . . ”

      Ha, I suspect the others understand better than you think, GG.

      Feigned stupidity is a stratagem I’ve often employed to con a superior into doing a task I didn’t much fancy doing myself 😆

    • Greatsby

      I am lucky to have a young quick smart upstart working for me, he has his eye on the future. Unfortunetely there are some out there that need more instruction then necessary and take away from the collective moving fwd..i hear that…..thanks for stopping bye

  3. "Pass"

    Boss, I wanted to point out that in the following sentence you used the word “their” instead of “there,”as required by the sentence’s syntax. Always remember attention to detail.

    “Now you might be wondering what does QA have to do with it, QA is where Pass works (thought I would throw that in their).”

  4. You’re only right 99% of the time? What happened to the other 1%? 😉

  5. haha… ‘big guy’

    isn’t that God’s nickname though? we can’t be calling random humans by that anymore. hah.

    • Blunt..

      I suppose its symantics..all how you look at it….your right in sense about who is the real big guy…..: ) …thanks for stopping bye

  6. Pass

    Pass meet the world..World meet Pass…he has spoken. So much to learn so little time to instruct..question is..Will young Pass learn what he needs to learn before big dog walks out the door…well see…thanks for stopping bye Pass!!

  7. It great fun watching two work collegues fight with each other, not that i am evil. lol
    It’s good for keeping people on their toes. lol

  8. It is kind of funny that Pass works in QA. I do QA’s on Fridays during the day and in some audits, they either “pass” or “fail.”

    • Rico

      Funny, cause one of Pass’s jobs is to do QA (DTPL) audits on the workcenters. Cosmic coincidence huh??…thanks for stopping bye

  9. Denny wishes he could read. He’d no doubt enjoy this cool blog more.

    • Denny………..Trying to make blog more user friendly but due ….to govt restrictions not gonna happen…….but zman thanks denny for stopping bye

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