A real watchstander!!!

Well, like alot of folks around here, I tape stuff on my DVR…that thing is freakin awesome dont ya think.  Right now I have Irwin Allens’  Towering Inferno taped, by far one of my favorite movies. Its right up there with The Godfather, The Good the Bad and the Ugly,  Hang’ em High and High Plains Drifter.  Which brings to today’s god damn point.  No doubt in my mind I am getting too old for this job.  At 39 I am least a few older then most of the pups and right up there with others that are either retiring or moving up.  Today was a banner day, I assigned one on the young pups a watch and just so happens he also has a watch on Sunday.  Now coming up I would have gotten a “Go stand your watch and do as you are instructed to do”.  No, No, this one had to bring up no less then 3 people to plead his case.  I am not someone that changes course, when the plan has been put out and everyone agreed to it.  So I didnt change the watch and he is standing the first watch as I write.  The problem is the young uns coming up today have no concept of paying dues and earning your work ethic.  Oh No, this was well why do I have to do it there are other people that can.  I was so fucking pissed off,  also had the PRT today, and all the bullshit with the watch was ingrained in my head.  Dont think I did well, I passed just not what I wanted.  I’m tellin ya,  terminal leave and house hunting leave cannot get here quick enough.  The best times on this job is when you are coming up, you have responsibility but you get to question it sometimes and most folk just brush it off to learning.  Is civilian life really all is cracked up to be. 

I am already at work when this happens!!


 The little things,  getting up in the morning at a reasonable time NOT AT THE ASS CRACK OF DAWN..or most days and hour before.  Why anyone would work everyday at 0600 is beyond me.  19 years old, okay yeah I was down, 39 uhhh NO.  Not that its a good idea but being able to tell the boss that he or she is the biggest jackoff you have ever met.  I quit…Here’s my plan. Get a job at MCDONALDS, work there for a little while you know to belay suspicion. 

Hey asshole get a haircut, look like a man for once in your life!!


Then one day when its really busy, turn off the store power then pop rivet the power box shut.  Then of course tell the manager (whose is probably so 20 yr old whose calls me Pops and is working his way through business school, only he hasnt told mom and dad he has not enrolled yet, cause he digs his job and him and his 17 yr old dropout girlfriend are going on the skating circuit.  “Hey dad Theresa is pregnant by the way, can we stay here”)  I QUIT you fucking  justin beiber wannabe turd.  “By the way move your scooter so I can get my truck out”  Asshole young kids.  You probably know one or two like that,  In my mind way too many of those turd burglers walking around.  But yeah I had a shit day,  but I am starting to feel better, I think I will head to the theatre and watch the rest of the Guns of Navarone.  Dont you dare say that was before my time…just a quick lousy day thought….

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23 thoughts on “Ay YAY YAY!!

  1. While the kid DOES need a new cut/style I can’t condone haircuts for all men. I still like a guy with a great head of LONG hair.

    Hey, it’s the metal chick in me that obviously will never die. 😉

    • Me not such a big fan of Beiber or his age group, bunch of know it all HALO playing young uns. Would love to have the kid rock hair myself..maybe some day….thanks for stopping bye

  2. Great post thanks for sharing. Your layout is excellent. I enjoy reading your articles all the time.

    • Well thanks, always good to have feedback from my fellow bloggers. Hope all is well in your world. Look forward to hearing from you in the future…thanks for stopping bye

  3. There is a definite sense of entitlement now in so many young people. Like we’re supposed to kiss the ground they walk on just because they exist. It’s a changing world.

    And I’m sorry – but Bieber’s hair kills me. And it’s not even original. I remember when Donny Osmond had the same haircut – lol! I’m ashamed to say that Bieber Boy grew up just down the highway from me 🙂

    • Beiber grew up down the street!!….my condolences. I dont know where the sense of entitlement came from either, i think it started when spankings stopped least thats how I see it…thanks for stopping bye

  4. I just tried to leave a comment…not sure what happened or if it’s suddenly going to show up or not. How annoying! And just after it seemed all things blogger were getting back to normal.

  5. Okay, the second comment showed and not the first – annoying! I think Bieber looks so idiotic and he’s not even original. I could swear that Donny Osmond had that same haircut back in the day. And I hate to say that Bieber grew up just a ways down the highway from me. And I agree – a lot of young people today seem to think we’re supposed to be grateful they were born. It sure is a changing world.

    I love my DVR. I would be lost without it. And funny enough, I just taped The Good, The Bad and The Ugly today. Hubby and I will watch it tomorrow night 🙂

    • Love the DVR…enjoy GBU…Wallach, Van Cleef and Eastwood great stuff. The young uns dont appreciate a good old fashioned shoot em up western…….they dont know what they are missing. thanks for stopping bye

  6. Pop

    I’ll tell you zmanowner It’s the young guys that take care of us old farts I was about to turn 50 and I was standing in the back of a C130 Herc 1250 feet from the drop zone. A two star had pulled all kinds of strings to get me into Jump school (the cut of age is 40)The Black hats kicked my ass getting through, but made sure I didn’t wash out Kids half my age kept me going throught out training Now was the moment of truth. “Stand up.Hook up Check your equipment” I remember one of the Jump Masters asking me ” You going out that door Sergeant Mac?” I answered in the Affirmative, but I remember the Kid behind me whispering to me ” Don’t worry Sergeant Mac I won’t let you freeze” And He didn’t. I don’t know about your guys Zmanowner, but I remember young soldiers always doing their job, and being there when they were needed I know. They were there for me

    • Pop

      I am not saying all the young guns coming up are useless, there are just too many no loads. I have both worked for and supervise young uns that are going places, they make it easy for me. Just sayin some young uns need to get off the video game and get the work done without complaining about it…but hey good hearing from you…thanks for stopping bye

  7. I was enjoying your post until I saw Bieber. Btw He has had a haircut, he must of read your post! 😀

    My 12 year old adores him of course. Hopefully it won’t last.

    • LL Cool……I try not to be a Hater…I don’t know JB….sure he is a good kid..but his haircut…personifies his age age group…….maybe I getting older…..I 40 today ……..age is a bummer. Thanks for stopping bye

  8. Turd burglars? LOL. I agree that the younger adults these days have way too much of a sense of entitlement and not enough of a work ethic. I definitely discriminate against under-30’s when I’m hiring because of past bad experiences. And yes, the JB haircut is just silly.

    • Sparkling…..I think that JB haircut is girlish…dont get it……turf burglar is a term we use at work for the people that are lazy and all……hope all is good with you…..thanks for stopping bye

  9. So that attitude is in the military as well? Ugh. I’m beginning to wonder if there’s any hope left for our country with all these little entitled snot noses coming up.

    • Cat…..yeah we here in the Navy are not immune to having problems with young folks….but they get on the right path……hope things are good with you…..thanks for stopping bye

  10. Haha, I haven’t heard “turd burglar” in a long time.

    Towards the end there, you were starting to sound like the Crabby Old Fart, which is obviously a compliment.

  11. Bieber is all that stands between us and freedom.

  12. Ha ha, you could shove that skateboard up his ass. actually you cant because he’s the manager. But only during work time. lol

  13. Turd Burgler is brilliant.

    The only thing I love about having to work that early is the lack of people combined with some sweet sunrises.

  14. God, I remember seeing this one a while back, but I forgot to mention how much I hate JB in this one. His hair is more obnxious than usual…which says a lot. He looks like Olive Oil from Popeye or something. Maybe that is a lame comparison, but the kid looks stupid and reminds me of someone.

  15. 1. i actually hate the Godfather. And I’m italian. I’m such a disgrace.

    2. us Gen Yers are punks. All of us.

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