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A Life Sideways!!!

Serenity and Openess..this is what I need!!

Well,  I can remember being a kid watching mom and dad and thinking life will be a breeze, all I have to do is a little better finacially and I am set.  Nobody ever thinks things will go sideways to the point where they think holy crap how did I get here and who did I anger to get here.  I have a great guiding light in my life in my wife Penelope.  But shit, thats where it ends.  I have friends that have been and are where I am at, just one turn past Lost.  If all I wanted was to sit around, be on meds, collect my retirement/disability I would be set.  I find myself looking for direction, what holds my interest, what is the one thing that moves me forward and returns me to the path I think I used to be on.  I get pissed off cause I think the FAA are idiots, or DMV they just being assholes about things.  My docs, dont get me started about them..Medicine is an inexact science anyone that does not know that..well call me and I will tell you a story.  I wondered in 06 when I transferred from sea duty where I would be at this time.  YEAH THIS IS NOT WHAT I HAD IN MIND.  Talking to people I work with, I feel like such a dufus having to ask for this favor or that favor it sucks.  Since my seizure last week according to the DMV I cant drive for 6 that takes me to February. So I find myself sideways trying to get forward again.  Life sucks right now,  got the bronchitis, no ride and still have not passed the R/E Final for which now I have to pay for.  I mean cmon how about a lucky break would ya please…Bright spot..Penelope and the return of Football…Darkness..everything else..just a quick this sucks how about you thought…

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