Gettin on in the years!!

Full speed ahead...screw the stop sign!!

Well,  this coming November this little blog I call my life story will be 4 yrs old.  I started it on 13 Nov 2007.  I needed an outlet because I had just been diagnosed for the first time.  Lots of posts and comments since then. Lots of stuff has happened some bad mostly good though.  Made lots of friends along the way, and I think encouraged a few people to start their own blog.  4 years not a whole lot of time but it has been long for me…So lets look towards tomorow and see what it has in store for me and whoever else and by the way its BIG BLUE AND GLADIATOR SEASON and of course RETIREMENT is right around the corner…so stay tuned and I will leave a light on….JUST A QUICK GETTING OLD THOUGHT

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12 thoughts on “Gettin on in the years!!

  1. You know, man….I am coming up on SIX years, the beginning of October…..And it has been a life0saver for me. I congratulate you with all my heart…..And Here’s to another 4 years—Oh No, I meant to say 40 years of blogging!!!!

    • Lady of the Hills

      So you are a tv star…ok i need an autograph….your friendship is all that I need. Please tell Mrs Meriwhether my mom is a huge fan…thanks for stopping bye…

  2. OldOldLady Of The Hills

    I meant to say “ZMAN”…..and ‘Life-Saver’….! I’m tired, what can I say…..And as to Lee M. Indeed, she was on “Barnaby Kpnes”, and guess what? I acted in an episode of that show….!

  3. Who’s getting old? Not you–this is just the beginning.

    • Auntie

      Yeah i know just sometimes I feel old old… being one of them…i know my batteries will be on recharge when i am retired….thanks for stopping bye…zman

  4. highway

    boy i can i.d. with the getting old sometimes i creek when i get out of the rack he he he
    anyway your blog has been a godsend plus a treat to look forward to i love reading it i know the readers love it so keep up the good work its good to be back in the office well im gonna finish my coffee then get back to work

    • Highway

      I think I am destined to always be here, as long as the lights are on and I have something to say well then I will be here…I appreciate the support I look fwd to hearing from you and reading K Teacher blog when a new post is up there….peace out from the gazette..thanks for stopping bye

  5. I look forward to reading your blog for many more years to come! I started my blog in January 2007, so we’ve been at this for about the same length of time! Sometimes I do feel like jacking the whole thing in, but I would miss all my blogging buddies.

    • LL COOL…I feel your pain with sometimes getting frustrated with a blog….but I would miss my blog friends and I enjoy sharing my adventures…thanks for stopping bye

  6. Well my goodness, our blogs are almost twins! I started mine in October 2007. I can’t imagine living without it now. Take care, and let’s keep getting old together because the alternative is a lot less fun.

    • Sparkling Red

      Hmmm..Yeah I am the same..with me I check it almost daily either with home comp or via phone. Why did you start yours any reason???? ..I love reading about the adventures of Sparkling Red..its strange how people connect in the world huh!!…thanks for stopping bye

  7. Congrats on 4 years! I’m not sure how old my blog is…maybe it needs a birthday card?

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