Soon to be home again!!!

Well, stopped by the theatre today a place I find myself less and less these days.  I did a little cleaning job so I could sit and put some thoughts together.  Penelope and I are getting to the point where we need to make decisions about moving and future employment and so on.  Probably going to be moving from the ranch sometime in the fall of 2012.  We have went back and forth and sideways deciding where to go because of this reason and that reason.  Alot of it has to do with family and employment.  So last night we made a major decision.  We both decided since we are going to send a letter to the owners of Dream House (Pittsfield,Ma) in the hopes they were selling sometime soon.  We would be best suited to move back there.  Its only a few hours from both of our families and it has all the essentials we will need once we get there.  How cool would it be to live in dream house again. I love that house, it has so much potential.  With all the ideas that we have, it could really be something special.  We have an idea to have a catwalk built between the upstairs and the office over the garage.  Thats just one of the ideas we have.  Pittsfield is a great place to live, its quiet and it has that small town feel…so here is to good things and hoping our plan of buying dream house back works….just a quick GOOD LUCK ON DREAM HOUSE thought…

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27 thoughts on “Decisions!!!

  1. I pray you can buy your Dream House back….Wouldn’t that be fabulous? Sending White Light and Positive Vives for your house!!!

    • Lady of the Hills

      Yes …yes it would…moving back and buying Dream house back would be like making the last 3 years go away…thanks for all the good thoughts…maybe i send you pics of dream house if it all comes together i will certainly post them….thanks for stopping bye

  2. Sounds like a good plan! A Yankee fan in Red Sox’s territory. It’s going to be interesting.

    • Auntie…..I swear u are this far from being thrown off the family farm lolo….leave it too Rosalicious to bring it up that I am moving into enemy territory….. love ya the same though….thanks for stopping bye

  3. Sounds wonderful to me! Good luck with that I really hope your dreams come true!

  4. I like the small town feel. I especially like small towns where everything is within walking distance.

    • A.Heare. yeah me too…Penelope and I are really looking forward to moving back there….no more rat race….thanks for stopping bye

  5. Good luck on getting your home. Had a friend in college and her family lived in Pittsfield. Spent a Thanksgiving break there with her.
    First trip to MA (went to college in Pittsburgh and had grown up in LA) Cool town and I’d love to live there. Just have to find that old 80’s ski mask and rob the 7-11 down the street…just for plane fare of course.
    Also going to agree with the post here from another of your readers; it’s gonna be kick-ass to have a Yankees fan up there heh.

    • Rachael

      Well thanks for the positive energy and yeah Penelope and I are hoping this works out. I hope you find the time and make a clean getaway so you can make your there…I am hoping to convert ALL MASS residents to YANKEES fans that is my evil plan MUWHAHAHAHAH…thanks for stopping bye

  6. There’s a great theater in Pittsfeild…

  7. Dream House sounds lovely! I wish you all the best with making that dream come true.

    • Sparkling Red…..Thanks…Dream house is perfect in a lot of ways. Penelope and I were married on Valentines day in Dream house and the house has so much potential to add on here and there……thanks for stopping bye

  8. Oh, good luck! I hope it works out for you, and you get your Dream house back! I’m also tickled to see your picture up! Very handsome! 😀

    • Auntie J…….well thank you….and that’s awfully nice of you to say…..yeah Penelope and I have our fingers crossed……we figure we are due a break…….your the best thanks for stopping bye

  9. highway

    well where ever you and lady penelope decide to settle will be good k teacher and i wanna settle back in the southwest thats where highway calls home anyways great to see you back in the office hey was wondering when you gonna be tracking back this way well hopefully soon hey remember brother I LOVE YOU

    • Highway

      Yeah we have settled on a new site for the new theatre and new surroundings. Feels to good to be back, at least on semi-regular basis. Love this place. The Southwest seems like a great place to settle, much luck with that. I dont know when I am coming up there maybe sometime in the spring well have to see. Hopefully our new casa will only be 2 hrs up the parkway….well anyways much to do…thanks for stopping bye….love alway z and penelope

  10. Sounds like this has potential to be awesome for you, which is great!

    On a side note regarding the Red Sox/Yankees comments above: At the moment, who do you think are on worse terms with the Red Sox? The Orioles, Rays or Yankees? I honestly don’t know as I am from the Midwest and a die-hard Cardinals fan here. It is rare to meet anyone who is not a Cards or Cubs fan. I am assuming that Yankees will be the lifetime rival considering the history…..but this year specifically?

    • Rico

      Everyone hates the Red Sox, there is better chance of Artie the bum down the street then finding a red sox fan outside of Boston. The Red Sox are like the kid you stop beating up after school only to find out he is doing your sister…know what i mean…I hate the Red Sox with a passion….but hey hope things are great with you….GO CARDS…..thanks for stopping in….zman sends

  11. aw… that would be so great for you!!!
    maine?? if i have my abbreviations right. haha. i’ve always wanted to go there. looks amazing!!!!

    btw, i love that name, penelope. that’s one of my future child picks 😉

    • Blunt…….its actually Massachusetts…but for you we will move to Maine…haha just playin. Maine quite scenic though. Yeah I Love Penelope as well…she is my one true love…..thanks for stopping bye

  12. Good luck on the Dream House!

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  15. You could motivate the owners into selling by “haunting” it. Wear sheets & walk around the yard moaning. At the very least you’ll get 3 hots and a cot from the county.

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