The 365 Day Project – Day 37


The things on the desk.  We all have quirky and strange little things on our desks and tables. What do you have on your table or desk……..??????

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9 thoughts on “The 365 Day Project – Day 37

  1. Not that.

  2. Just Me

    Of course he is a Giants fan. What else would he be? 🙂

  3. At home? A very scary zombie boy doll. A couple of miniature Gene Simmons figures. Sock Monkeys. So much more….

    At work? A Jack Skellington wood block calendar. A photo of a gorilla. A plastic lizard.

    • Scary zombie doll and Gene Simmons stuff…very interesting…I like it….its nice of you to stop bye I have not been getting around to my blog friends much these days …life has been weird…..

  4. I have a picture of my daughter on my work dest, but ironically, right next to it is a Kansas City Chiefs helmet.

  5. garden gnomes those fricken things always bud me out anyways the only thing i put up on my shelf are my nascar diecast and my black stetson

  6. Nothing that cool. My dogs would make a snack out of that.

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